Meet the founder of Karma Killer Yoga

Anamé, the founder of Karma Killer Yoga

OK, for this post I’d ask you to set aside a comfortable hour, to do some experimenting. It’s the best if you can remain undisturbed during this time. If you don’t have that much time or you don’t like experimenting or strangers asking you to do something, then of course you can simply read on. But that way you miss the full experience – no pressure there. 😉

But if you’re up to it and curious, before you read on, please follow this link first to YouTube and try the exercise you find there (it’ll take approximately 10 minutes.15 if you really get the hang of it). Anamé, the founder of Anamé Program and Karma Killer Yoga will be your guide through the exercise:

Once you’re done, read on as if you read and received the words not only with your mind, but with your whole being. And enjoy the interview with Anamé and accept the love she put into answering the following questions.

10 + 1 questions for Anamé

1. There are so many methods available for one to work on their problems and on their growth. Why Anamé Program, why Karma Killer Yoga?

It’s because it works on a far deeper level than that of the mind. There are so many methods out there urging you to change. To change your thoughts, change your feelings. Even an illness they say can be a result of negative thinking and emotions.

This theory is harmful not only because it promotes guilt. The biggest problem with it is that it’s not true. We’re all columns, consisting of energy. The higher we reside in this column the higher our vibration and therefore our feelings, thoughts and actions are. The lower the vibration, feelings, thoughts and actions will adjust accordingly.

We are not free to choose the way we see the world and how we feel and react in certain situations. It’s all determined by the state of our chakras. And we cannot make conscious decisions about the state of our chakras. For example, hypofunctioning in any chakra means a withdrawn, passive, adrift, defensive attitude, which will reflect in the feelings, mindset, worldview and therefore in the circumstances. On the level of the solar plexus, for instance, it can result in someone feeling inferior to others and playing mostly the victim part, may find it hard to set boundaries or feel unmotivated, powerless. But as it’s all stemming from an energetic state or pattern, it’s wrong to suggest that it can be changed with a different mindset. If it could be done solely in the mind, everyone would be happy, as they wouldn’t choose to think and feel inferior, unmotivated or powerless.

The human mind is great for thinking in projects. And it can be a project to getting our chakras in a better state. And then the mind is capable of noticing the change, but not of making it happen.

Anamé Program is designed to make it happen. It is a complex transformation system, consisting of the exercises of Karma Killer Yoga, books, binaural frequency’s, energized crystals and water to promote real change and support it from as many sides as possible.

Psychology also knows that the conscious mind makes up only a small part of our true potential. Still, esoteric teachings suggest that we solve all our problems using our minds. Because it gives us the illusion of control. But the conscious human mind is insignificant (and inflexible) compared to our true being.

On the other hand, Anamé Program and Karma Killer Yoga has a practical approach. No one expects you to believe in it, it works even if you don’t, unlike placebo.

When you feel a negative effect like a cleansing symptom, you’ll realize that you had all those feelings suppressed or that your body begins to clear as if you started a detox program. If you face resistance and work yourself through it you get the treasure behind and you’re able to continue on a higher energy level. This emotional resistance is a phenomenon known in psychology and psychotherapy as well.

You also get the positive effects: the higher energy level. You feel more energized and start to react in a different way in certain situations. Not in your head but on the level of the gut, with all the cells of the body.

Chakras are storehouses of karma. It means that if we work with the chakras we work with the karmic sprouts that bring the outside world, our circumstances, emotional state, thoughts and body into life. Being a karma killer means that you are able to clean your chakras and those difficulties you experience in any part of your life.

2. You always say that every spiritual teaching is worthy only as long as it makes your everyday life better. Could you explain a bit what you mean by that?

As far as I can see it, no one wants to feel better by having a better idea any longer. Those ideas we cherish don’t always manifest in our lives. People want to feel better, to be more content in their everyday lives. They don’t want to be philosophical, they want to be happy. The most exciting journey in the whole world is to explore your potential and feel accomplished, at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Anamé Program consists also of a lifestyle supporting you to establish higher energy level daily routines with a vegan diet and lots of love toward yourself. In which it does matter how you look in the mirror and what you put on your face. Whether it’s some cream full of chemicals or a cold pressed organic oil. The way you touch your skin matters, and also the accompanying thoughts: whether they are loving, cherishing thoughts. And in the meantime you listen to a frequency which promotes beauty, health and youthfulness; not on the inside, but by helping you reach that higher energy level, radiating from the inside out, making the beauty that’s in all of us visible and shining.

3. You’ve gone through incredible hardships like child abuse, some fatal illnesses and a divorce, just to name a few. What would you say to those who are in a difficult situation – physically, emotionally or under circumstances that seem to be hopeless?

That you’re never alone and that it’s possible. You can ascend under the most difficult circumstances. In fact, they make it possible for us to raise much higher than under comfortable circumstances. Of course you want to reach them but never ever think of yourself as bad person who, in consequence, is having the difficulties. Let’s forget this old judgemental approach of having a bad karma and you deserve the hard circumstances as a punishment.

At Anamé Program we believe in quite the contrary: all of us who’s born in this world of matter is blessed. Because by doing so we agree to raise and illuminate a part of the whole, through our own being. And by that these parts are raised and illuminated in the whole world, and therefore we’re all heroes.

I know how hard it is to endure an illness day by day, minute by minute. Having been half blind, suffering from colitis and kidney deficiency I surely know that such a state, such a situation makes you concentrate all your energy to work your way through that hardship. Not necessarily consciously, not in your mind or not just in there but with your whole being. You evolve under these hard circumstances, getting stronger and persevering in the process.

Think of yourself as a hero and remember that every health issue, every emotional problem in any aspect of your life has a corresponding chakra. And if you set out to work with that chakra precisely and effectively, the difficulty can become easier.

4. There seems to be an increasing amount of fear and hatred in the world we live today. Where do you think we as individuals and as humanity are heading?

I only believe in growth, rising, love and unity. On the level of duality there’s hatred where we define ourselves in opposition to others. Our fate is constantly working on our progress, as well as Karma Killer Yoga, only the path of fate is longer and more painful.

It may take a very long time, spent in hatred and blaming others and ourselves until we learn that it leads us nowhere. Still, we make progress and learn on the way. Every single one of us is walking on the path of unity, even when they choose hatred, as sooner or later the suffering of it will lead us all to find real solutions.

Esotery is an inner path. It means to withdraw our attention from the outside world into our core and here we work on reaching a higher energy level. This is where it’s possible to raise the world we live in.

Watching the news and being informed won’t make fear and hatred disappear. Our mind is reactive, monitoring the events around us, making judgements and plans. But there’s a state, higher than that of the reactive mind, which is capable of having an influence on the outside world and raise it higher.

5. High vibe is a popular term these days. What does it mean to you and what change do you see on those who practice Karma Killer Yoga?

The terms good vibes, high vibes are more popular now than ever

There are people who look like having a grey veil around them, covering their true light. Each time we look away from our difficulties or deny them, blaming the outside world or use it to divert our attention we renounce feeling happy and accomplished and to try ourselves in this world and go along this adventurous journey we set out for ourselves. We say oh, it’s not possible, life doesn’t work like that. While for the hardships we say that’s just life.

Each time we do that we allow this grey veil to stay with us, on us. The exercises of Karma Killer Yoga literally strip us off this veil by clearing the blocks of our chakras, manifesting in our bodies, feelings, thoughts and circumstances, in our entire lives.

Whoever walks on this path begins to shine. It will be reflected in their look, in their colors.

6. Why should anyone bother to clean their chakras? Why don’t we just change the way we look at things? Many people say that our mind is a powerful tool, and all we have to do is use it in a more conscious way.

I was about 20 years old when I was in hospital, dying. My organs started to shut down and I was almost blind, kept alive by an appliance. On top of that I was full of emotional pain.

I was not able to look at my chances in a positive way. I was not able to convince myself that it was alright or not that bad. You may say that my mind was too weak and that might be true, but it could be true for others, too.

What helped me in that situation was that instead of trying to convince myself of something I began to develop the exercises of Karma Killer Yoga. If I tried to reassess my position in my head I may not be here to tell the story, as it wouldn’t have brought such a deep and thorough change as the exercises did.

I do not want to dissuade anyone from positive thinking, I don’t doubt it can work in certain cases. However, on a lower energy level we tend to have a series of negative thoughts running almost endlessly in our head. From that point it takes a lot more energy to concentrate endlessly to break that chain of thoughts than to rise ourselves to a higher energy level with the help of physical exercises, where the positive, loving thoughts, feelings and an overall approach will come naturally.

7. What do you think of the law of attraction?

I do appreciate all who can make it work. However, it doesn’t seem to work out for many others. As far as I can see the majority of people want to use this principle to fulfill their desires. When in reality, to have an effective creating power you have to overcome your desires and your fears of not being able to fulfill your desires. Plus, as a third ingredient, you have to let go of the self centered attitude that tells us to try creating things ourselves, for our own benefit.

Karma Killer Yoga offers you much more than that. It offers to reside in the truth. When you can feel the flow of life in every minute, as your chakras are clean. So you yourself become the flow of life, connected to everything and everyone and with God’s plan. To reside in the truth is a whole different state of mind than being kept in the wheel of fears and desires. And it comes with a much stronger creating power, too.

8. On your courses you often ask people what the desire of their hearts is. What is yours?

What I’d like more than anything is for people to want more than simply to survive and endure the difficulties and obstacles of life. I’d like them to realize that we were not born to remain small and go through life with the least possible harm. By being born we agreed to take on these difficulties to raise the whole world through ourselves and if it is so, let’s have all the creating power to fulfill hat, let’s enjoy each and every moment of this wonderful mission and the accomplishment, as we add whatever we’re called to do to this world of ours. And this is what the exercises of Karma Killer Yoga helps you achieve.

9. What would you say to someone who’s sitting in front of their computer (or any other device) screen right now, reading these lines?

To get up and try another exercise. In order to feel the effect of practice instead of thinking about the method.

Body exercise

10. How do you see the future of Anamé Program and Karma Killer Yoga and their role in these times?

Everything evolves, the whole world, not only us. The frequency is getting higher and there’s a general acceleration. This process is an energetic one, enabling the most effective and fastest possible growth for all those who choose to develop. Considerably faster than ever before, a grace from above.

On the other hand, this frequency affects also those who don’t want to commit themselves on the path of growth. But because it doesn’t work on a transformation it manifests in the form of an annoying vibe.

My mission is to help everyone: those who choose growth and those who are annoyed by this higher vibe. This is why I cannot rest: me and my team are constantly working to bring the possibility of development and inner peace to as many people as we can.

10+1 What does happiness mean to you?

To me, happiness comes from my whole being and it’s not the product of the circumstances. To live on a higher energy level means that you’re happy in every second, as brightness is our natural state of being.

Many difficulties are stemming from us expecting the circumstances to make us happy, because this way we want to control things in the outside world that we hardly can. And then there’re fears and desires.

Desires and fears from not being able to achieve or acquire something are all based on the feeling of scarcity. Because we think we lack the very thing that would make us happy. And if we have whatever we think the key to happiness is, then there’s always the fear of losing it.

I see it as a motivating force. It shows us a direction so we do everything possible to live on a higher energy level. To not only use the lower three, so called material chakras but to not stop until we find the celestial, everlasting happiness of the crown chakra.

And the best part is that it’s not a theory but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that has happiness in it each and every minute.

Welcome back, me again

To end this post I suggest another exercise: it’s good for relieving stress, but also to ventilate out any unsettling feeling that may have emerged in you while reading or during the first exercise. If it is so, don’t worry, because change is almost always unsettling. In fact if it’s not, it’s better be suspicious. And if there are no such feelings or thoughts, this exercise still has a nice, calming effect.;)

So if you’ve come so far with me, have a tennis ball ready and try this one, too:

In case of high blood pressure, reflux or panic attacks (or you don’t have a tennis ball) go with this one instead:

That was it for today. I’d really like to hear about your experiences: if you read the post with or without trying the exercises (why, if so and why not if you didn’t). 

In case you tried the exercises I’m also curious about how they felt to you and whether or not you had any body sensations or emotions coming up.

And also if you think they made a difference in reading the interview and taking it in.

See you in the next post and thanks for coming along with me.

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