A three days trial for a happier life

I’d like to show you something. So far there’s been a lot about karma and how it ties us to situations, to certain mindsets and emotional settings.

And also about how we get back our freedom to choose by getting rid of them. This freedom goes hand in hand with a higher energy level, a higher frequency. One that’s independent of the outside world, the circumstances. To me, this is happiness.

What I wanna show you know is how it feels. A taster. A teaser. A spoiler. But first, let’s see what these three days can offer. And what they can’t. 

To put it very simply, the final goal for karma cleansing is to reach your purest, highest self, to live your full potential and reunite with God (when I refer to God, you may want to translate it to higher consciousness or the universe or the supreme. Feel free to choose what works for you).

And you do that by sweeping away, washing out, clearing yourself off all the beliefs, shoulds and shouldn’ts, judgments (both positive and negative), identifications, and God knows what other blockages you gathered on your way. 

Real high life is not fancy clothes or licentiousness or being wealthy. It’s not even power in the sense we usually think of it as in occupying a high status position. 

It has a lot more to do with being centered, keeping your serenity and brightness and a love for truth. Not because of your circumstances are favourable, rather regardless of them. It’s an undaunted, naturally optimistic state.

For me this is true high life, and most likely I’m not alone. Because none of us has the power to control the circumstances, no matter how hard we try or how we make ourselves believe the opposite.

What we have is ourselves, our whole being to work with. This is what we have for this amazing journey to elevate, to see past the appearance and experience life there. This is a path within ourselves. As Jesus put it: ‘I am the way and truth and the life’.

And now, let’s get to business. For these three days you’ll need a couple of things, so it might be a good idea to get prepared.

Note that the following practices and recommendations can be beneficial in themselves, but applying them parallelly is the most effective.

None of these recommendations are unheard-of or revolutionary in and of themselves. None of them will be new like you’ve never heard before. But that’s not the point: performing them together with some of the free exercises of Karma Killer Yoga has the power to elevate your energy level, showing you a higher frequency of existence.

But as they contain some dietary advice and physical exercises, in case of any health issue please consult your physician.


What you eat has a great influence on not just your physical, but emotional and mental state, too

What we eat and drink has a great impact not only on our physical health but also on our emotional and mental state. As a general rule, it can be affirmed that a plant based diet with lots of fresh, raw, unprocessed elements and clean water, herbal tea and freshly pressed, ideally green juices help to raise your energy level. If you have a chance, experiment with what works for you before the challenge, or use these three days as a beginning of a more complex change to your diet.

So the first recommendation is to keep a vegan diet for these three days. Try to stay away from sugar, coffee and gluten, and have something fresh and raw with each meal.

If you feel like going an extra mile, you may want to incorporate fresh celery juice into your program. In case you don’t know it, here you can find a quick summary and some tips:


Give yourself time and space for noticing how you feel after a certain meal. If you can, allow yourself sufficient time to eat. It feels good to treat yourself, your family and/or your friends with tasty, nutritious food that you’re grateful for. Keeping your focus on how your meal looks and smells and tastes like while being thankful for it you can avoid worrying about your troubles.

The suggestions here are based mostly on experience and therefore it’s important that you check them with a healthcare professional, as your diet can have an influence on the effect of certain medications and in the case of some conditions adjustments may be necessary.


We feel lighter and better in tidy and clean, clutter-free spaces. This is another really basic thing, but it really adds up to our general well-being and energy level.

Our home is like an extension to our bodies, and as such, it does matter how it’s taken care of. Unused, unnecessary objects are taking up our energy, instead of supporting us. Minimalism, minimalistic lifestyle is not appealing to everyone, but its basic principles are useful for everyone. And we can decide to what extent we want to incorporate them into our lives. If it goes only as far as being more conscious with our shopping or selling, giving away some items we don’t use any longer is a great step. 

Now, I’m aware that three days is not a very long time and you probably won’t throw yourself into a massive Marie Kondo tidying programme just now, but still, there’s a lot you can do and it’s definitely worth trying. 

You may prepare for these three days by cleaning and tidying up, keeping your living space as clutter free as possible. And during those three days it’s best to keep your intention on keeping your surroundings clean and tidy, by putting away everything you used before, doing the dishes immediately after the meals, etc.

In an ideal case our environment is clean, tidy and clutter free and we are only surrounded by objects that are necessary and/or good to look at.


The same way as objects, people can rob us out of our energy or energize us. Be attentive as to whom you’re spending your time with. Negativity coming from others is pulling you back, as if you wanted to jump high while someone else was holding you by the ankles. 

Here I’d like to stop again a bit to clarify another common misunderstanding. Some people seem to think that blocking negativity means not to accept hardships or seeing everything through rose-colored sparkle pony glasses. 

So is it bad if you see a friend or a relative and talk about difficulties? Does it mean that you allow negativity into your life? Does it mean that you can only be in touch with those around you whose lives run smoothly and who are not going through hard times? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. 

I’m sure you know people who like to talk about hardships only for the sake of complaining. In such situations you don’t get closer to the solution, neither of you feel better or energized, quite the contrary: you probably feel tired and disheartened.

So how can you decide if either you’re involved in a negative cycle with someone? Well, if you start blaming yourselves, the circumstances or other people you can be certain that it’s not leading you towards a constructive solution.

If you feel stuck with someone in such a situation, you may try to redirect the course of the conversation to help your companion. They must be open to it of course, but this could be a chance for both of you to meet on a deeper level. 

Try to listen deeply and reflect them back on their feelings, the atmosphere of how they’re talking about the subject. It can help much more than listening halfheartedly, already thinking about what and how you’ll respond. 

And in some cases, there’s in fact nothing to solve. Sometimes all the other needs is compassion and to feel connected. 

And just as much as with other people, make sure that you are a good company to yourself, too. Try not to judge and blame yourself, but be loving and compassionate.


Find a mantra for these days. It should be really simple and personal, in the present tense, only about you. Something like ‘I am healthy’ or ‘I am happy’.

Use that mantra at the end of each Karma Killer Yoga exercise, the descriptions for which you’ll find below.

But, in case you have the time and energy, you may write it down several times in the mornings and the evenings, even write it on a piece of paper and place it somewhere where you see it the most, like on a notice board or your fridge. 

Why is mantra important? Just think of your usual mindset, and your thought patterns. How many times have you told yourself that you’re not able to do something? How many times have you reinforced by your thoughts, your emotions, even uttered words that you are too weak / old / shy or not educated / capable/ self-certain / experienced enough for whatever it is that you really want?

The mantra, especially together with the practice can have the transformative power. With its help, you can kick off the set of your thoughts out of their well trained track. 

Three days are not many compared to all those years or even decades while you have been deepening the old track, but you may already notice the promise of chance. Still, just be patient.


Physical exercise and fresh air help to keep you more energized and motivated, and is good for your health and your general well-being.

Even if you don’t have time or cannot afford to go to the gym, or do some other sport activities, make sure to go out for a short walk every day. 

Choose to do something that feels good. It’s good if it’s physically challenging and engages the whole body. In the long run, according to my experience the most effective is to combine cardio and strength exercises (check with a professional if you should keep them separated). 

If it’s only playing some music and dancing a bit in your previously well aired room, it’s still more than nothing.

Daily routine and focus

With a well structured daily routine it is far easier to keep your focus and to not loose energy. 

So try to plan your days in advance. In case something unpredictable pops up, just be flexible with your plan, it’s there to help you and not to add up to your tasks to worry about.

In an organized and collected state of mind it’s easier to experience a higher energy level. Some people think that it’s more than enough for them to be collected and well organized at their workplace and just want to be left alone at home, in their free time. To be able to relax. 

It sounds logical, isn’t it? It does, but it’s misleading. Relaxation does not have to mean to fall apart, to lose your focus. Happiness that’s coming from a higher energy level doesn’t mean the lack of collectedness. Quite the contrary. 

When we think about focus, we usually mean a strong concentration that’s engaging the mind. On an energetic level it’s connected to the third eye chakra. We’re used to the tenseness, the rigidity and the limiting nature of this type of focus so much that it’s hard to imagine a different type.

The focus I’m talking about here is rather one which engages the whole body. It’s a sort of alertness in which you observe your inner world just as much as your surroundings while staying relaxed. You are alert, you are present, but without the tension of focus that’s interpreted only as the concentration of the mind.

How a good daily routine and the above mentioned type of focus become important companions on the way to happiness? 

With the practice of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program the energy system is freed of the deeply engraved emotional and thought patterns which are limiting us in many aspect of our lives. And parallel to that, as a result, we get the freedom to choose our reactions, thoughts and feelings. 

But it’s not possible in a state of mind that we usually call ‘relaxation’, where we let our focus and collectedness fall apart. It requires alertness and the whole body focus and being present, being available to whatever happens inside and around us.


This one is a very powerful practice. Every night, before you go to sleep, find three things that you feel grateful for. It can be something for that particular day or anything in general. And if it comes naturally, no need to stop at three.;)

In case it feels better, you may want to do this exercise in the morning.

In challenging times it may be hard to be thankful. In the midst of difficulties it’s understandable if you feel that your situation is so hard that you cannot be grateful for anything.

Should it be the case, I still encourage you to keep this practice. Actually, the harder your situation, the more helpful it can be. 

Why? Because among troubles our minds are narrowed to our current situation and that can make it hard to see clearly, to distance ourselves from the problem or to see it from a different perspective. Expressing your gratitude can help calm the turmoil of the mind and give comfort on the level of emotions, too.


As well as people, your activities can either charge you or taking away your energy. Choose to do things and be with people who charge you. If you just think about the feeling of sitting in front of the TV and switching channels or scrolling endlessly your Instagram feed, or that of going for a walk in the woods with someone you love, you’ll immediately get the difference. To put it simply, just be attentive of any possible leakage of energy. 

And in case you cannot avoid being involved in an energy depleting activity or encounter, try to see the possibility of growth in them.

Karma Killer Yoga exercises by Anamé Program

Perform the following five exercises one after the other in the below sequence. Five times the first four exercise, and then once the fifth, the stress relieving exercise. 

  1. The body exercise


  1. The soul exercise


  1. The spirit exercise 


  1. The unity exercise 


  1. The stress relieving exercise 


It doesn’t really matter at what time of your day you choose to do the exercises. It takes about 25 minutes. If the five repetitions of the first four seem to be too many, then feel free to do less.

What to expect

To get to a higher energy level and to be able to keep it permanently is not an easy task, but worth the effort for sure.

I’m aware that this three day experiment will not be enough to change your whole life. But can be powerful enough to kick off that change, and also to give you a glimpse into a higher frequency, happier life.

I’d be really happy to hear about your experiences with this little experiment, if you agree to share them.

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