What change do you want to see in your life in 2021 and how you can achieve it

If you asked anyone what they want to change in their life, you’d be surprised to hear ‘nothing, I’m good’, right? The scale of the replies may vary from total dissatisfaction to an urge to grow, but you’ll find a driving force.

For some a new habit would represent the desired outcome, while for others it’d come in the form of very concrete goals, like winning a race for instance.

Setting goals is fun. If it’s not, it should be. Why? Because we grow and learn a lot on our way to achieve them. We get the chance to experience our power.

Energetically speaking, from the point of view of the chakras, goal setting belongs to the solar plexus. In this post I intend to dig deeper than giving you advice on how to introduce a new habit, diet or worldview into your life.

The two ways

I want to show you the characteristics of hyperfunction and hypofunction of the solar plexus, so you can decide for yourself which group describes you better, and how it influences your goal setting and achievement. But before we begin, please note that there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ here. Also, what you’ll read here is a simplified description. In reality, hyperfunctioning and hypofunctioning are mixed, depending on the circumstances. 

From the point of view of setting and achieving goals, hypofunction of the solar plexus means that your goals are foggy. You either don’t see them clearly or maybe you do, but your intention is not strong enough. It may pair with fear and doubts about yourself in general, and your abilities and strength or perseverance to reach what you want.

In the case of hyperfunction, on the other hand, you tie yourself so much to your goals that they become a heavy burden. The lack of flexibility or permissive attitude makes your goal encroach all your life, taking over the control.

These two ways have something in common: both are captivity.

What may be holding you back from change?

Real, fundamental change is scary. Because we don’t know how it’ll turn out (not that we know the outcome of seemingly safe choices, but at least we can have the illusion). So we rather go for setting some small goals like trying to get up earlier and be more effective. Which is perfectly OK. 

But it can be easy to forget the real cause. What change do you want to see in your life by getting up earlier to have more done? More money? How exactly is it going to change your life for the better? Spending more time with your loved ones? How exactly it’d change things? Want to have some time for a hobby or something new to learn? What feelings about yourself or your life is it going to bring?

I think it’s important to clarify the ultimate goal whenever you wish to change or introduce something into your life. Otherwise it can be hard to keep yourself motivated, or, if you opt for something that doesn’t support your goal perfectly, you may get disappointed. Like if you feel that you’re always rushing, not having enough time to complete everything you have to, and therefore you aspire to get up an hour earlier, it may help and you’ll feel less stressful. 

But it can also happen that the stress you feel is stemming rather from not being satisfied with your current job for example, and getting up earlier won’t be able to solve that. 

Or you may feel the scarcity of time because your days are not well organized and as a consequence, not efficient enough. You may have to learn to prioritize your tasks and plan your days/weeks in advance.

Another example is when you don’t say to yourself that what you want to change in your life is to live in a happy relationship. Instead you say that you want to go to a dance studio with your partner to learn how to swing. Why? Because the first one will definitely bring significant changes to your life. As for the second, you may have to decide whether you assign Monday or Wednesday evenings for the dancing classes. 

If you go with the first one, you basically have two choices (assuming you already have a relationship and it’s not working as you’d like it to).

You either face it first, start talking about your difficulties with your partner, searching for possible solutions. Then you put in the work every day. Paying attention to him or her, prioritizing the relationship, giving your time and energy. Then it’s going to change. It may get better, or you may realize that you cannot save it. 

Either way, you did everything you could to have a happy relationship – either with your current partner or by giving a chance to meet someone else. And even in the second case your efforts to renew your existing relationship were not in vain. You did learn, you did grow. And it’s always better to try than to walk away from the chance and wonder later what could’ve been if. It’s better to put that 100 percent work in and if and only if it doesn’t help, walk away 100 percent without regrets or wondering.

The other option is that deep down you know already that the relationship is beyond repair. Then again, you need to put in the work to close it the best way possible – for the sake of both of you and just as well as your for future relationship.

So one thing that can keep you away from defining and stating clearly what you want is fear and uncertainty. But there are more.:)

What if it doesn’t happen?

For some setting goals or stating what kind of life they want to live is fearful because before even stepping on the path they are overwhelmed with fear and doubts. Mostly about, or in connection with themselves. Am I capable of doing that? Am I educated/strong/young/talented/experienced/confident enough? Am I worthy of it? Worthy of a good job, feeling content, lo love and be loved back? Worthy of having a good life?

It goes with the feeling that it’s better not to try at all. If I don’t try, I won’t have to face the bitterness and frustration of failure.

The thing is that it doesn’t matter. 

Behind all this goal setting game there’s something much more important. Because let’s face it, we are human beings. We are not omnipotent and in many cases we don’t even know, not really, what would be the best for us. Sometimes we are disappointed or sad about what we get from life instead of what we pictured for ourselves. Only to find out that it’s much better than what we had imagined.

So why play this seemingly unnecessary game along? Because we need the power of our solar plexus chakra. Every goal we set, every change we work for, each time we fail and choose to go on help us, shepherd us toward a stronger version of ourselves. Without the power, the heat and the intention of the solar plexus there’s no growth.

Ok, I get it. What do I do?

Whenever we’re aspiring toward a change, it’s best to start with being grateful. Grateful for whatever that has happened so far, no matter how hard it may have been. The journey we have had so far is precious. What’s happened, no matter how awful or beautiful is a treasure beyond measure.

I want to share an example from my life with you here, to clarify what I mean.

Making acquaintances has never come easy to me. I’ve sort of envied those who could do it naturally, finding the tone with anyone, finding topics effortlessly. 

For me, this whole story began when I was a small child. For some reason my mom wouldn’t let me play with other children. I’m not sure about the real cause of this, but she always found an explanation, no child was good enough for me to play with from her point of view. If nothing else was the matter, she said that they were coughing or had a runny nose and she didn’t want me to catch anything.

Other things added up to this and left me with very poor social skills. As a result, I had lack of confidence in this field. So I rather chose to close myself.

I followed a preventive policy: if I don’t let anyone come close to me in the first place, then they won’t have the chance to reject me. The policy worked, to some extent, but I think you won’t be surprised if I say that it didn’t make me happy.

So what choices do I have as an adult? How should I feel about all this? Well, I could resent my mom for making it so hard for me, and feel that there’s not much I can do about it. Or, I could be in denial as to what had happened and live a life in which my closeness is alright. There wouldn’t be anything extraordinary in it in this world where we live. I could also forgive my mom and accept the situation and try to manage it, making the most out of it. Or? Or, I may be grateful for what happened and for exactly how it happened. 

It helped me to really value heart to heart connections and to understand and find a way with those who close themselves out of fear. 

When you feel grateful, or you’re on your way to, the next important step is to know what you’d like exactly. The more concrete you can form it, the better. It’s good to visualize how you live, how you feel yourself, how you think and what you do, how a day in your life looks like when you already have it. It can be detailed and colorful, a picture as alive as possible.

Find a mantra. A sentence which describes what you want clearly. It should be only about you, in the present tense. So for example neither Jack is in love with me, nor I’ll get a promotion is good. You could use I’m in love or I live in a loving relationship and I get promoted instead. 

You may wonder why it is important to form a mantra like that, and that’s a very good question indeed. In the process of manifesting the desire change it’s you who’ll go under the biggest transformation. In the process you’ll become the person who already has what they’re asking for. So it’s not something that will happen in the future with your good old self. Moreover, repeating it in the present tense is more affirmative. 

It’s also important that you include no one else in your mantra, as the free will of all of us is sacred. 

Practice the body exercise of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program with a repetition of 5, twice a day, using your mantra at the end, when you hold your breath:


I know I always recommend these exercises, but this is the fastest, most effective and thorough method I know. Or, if you want this process to be more personalized and well aimed, then book a one to one session at


And why is daily practice important? The physical level supports the change in a way that your mind cannot: it engraves it deeply, at the level of the gut, the level of the cells. The mind in itself isn’t capable of going so deeply. It can also mislead us with having those aha moments and deep understanding of something, only to leave very little of them behind after some time.

Practice is not like that. It makes the change hardwired in your whole being. And doing it every day ensures that the change is permanent. When you start practicing, your blocks get in motion. They begin to come to the surface in order to leave you forever. But if you stop practicing, these blocks start to precipitate once more, so it’s best to keep them in flow.

The mantra can also sink deeper with the help of regular practice. It’s not useless without it either: it’s much better to keep repeating a positive affirmation to yourself than letting the usual stories, judgments, criticisms and doubts run around endlessly in your head. But when you say it within the energy field of the exercises, it becomes a lot more powerful. Out of dry words they become alive. 

So the same way the exercises are invigorating the body and the mind, they also empower your goals. The body exercise works intensely with the solar plexus, the chakra of strength and intention, and its end position implies the same, giving you the feeling of power and capability.

Stick with your goal

The bigger the change you aspire to, the more steadiness and persistence it requires. So keep your picture with you, cherish it, live it every day, do your practice with your mantra, even write it down and place it somewhere where you see it regularly. 

Your doubts, your fears will attack from time to time, you can be sure of that. It only shows that you are doing well. 

And if it doesn’t happen? It doesn’t matter. By that time you will have collected all the treasures from the process. Whatever you will need for the best, fullest and happiest life that’s intended for you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t see at the moment how it’s going to happen. 

Your fate is designed in a way that you will evolve. The circumstances, the people, the events of your life will crush out the necessary changes sooner or later. But you do have a choice in how you will take part in this process. Like a rag doll, being dragged around, trying to keep up with what’s happening, trying to react and feeling powerless.

And what’s the other choice? To play along. Which means that you make a conscious decision to grow, to become the highest version of yourself. To become the main character in your life. 

That way you can speed up the whole process. This is exactly what you do with the exercises of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program.. Instead of suffering the course of fate you decide to grow, to set goals and work for them, and get stronger on the way. It’ll be more intense, sure. It’ll require your focus and energy, but it’s worth the effort. It’s the greatest change you can achieve and also the ultimate happiness to live your highest potential, to fulfill your true role. So don’t forget that no change and no goal you’re working towards is in vain on this journey, regardless of the outcome.

Let me know your experience with goal setting and if you found the above useful. And in the following two blogposts I’ll discuss a free opportunity from Anamé Program to raise your frequency and to kick off real change in your life.

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