Anamé circles: the movement of love and unity by Anamé Program

More than a year ago the movement of love and unity was called into being by Anamé Program, which we called Anamé circles. 

The idea was to establish a movement where people meet regularly (online or offline, usually once a week) to assert their commitment to love and unity and raising the frequency of our world by reinforcing these qualities in themselves and among one another.

As the last blogpost was about the changes we’d like to see in our lives, I thought that in this one I’d give you something that is completely free and still a powerful tool, if you feel like actively taking part in elevating yourself, the people you’re in connection with, and our world.

I have enough problems myself. What’s in it for me to work for the world?

When we are in the process of searching for happiness, sooner or later we’ll get to a point where we realize that we can be truly happy only if we live in a happy society. 

Shutting the world out and trying to create a bubble for happiness only for ourselves will never really work. There’ll always be situations where we bump into the outer world, and there’s no way to barricade ourselves from the suffering of others. And by working for others we always work for ourselves, too. Below you can read a bit more about the spirit of the circles from Anamé’s point of view.

Anamé’s message for the circles

Anamé Program is aiming at the whole world to wake up and encourage everyone to choose love, growth and unity, endeavoring to treat themselves and others and to make decisions accordingly. 

So we ask you to invite everyone into these groups if you see the signs of such an awakening, or if you simply think that this spirit would mean a solution in their difficult situation. 

I’m aware that some of you may have doubts about what you personally can do for our world, and the answer is: a lot! During the sessions of the free Anamé circles you gather (online or offline, based on the circumstances) to reinforce love and unity in yourselves and by doing so, it’ll radiate from your whole being. Anamé circles have the effect of an amplifier, where the intention of similar spirited people gets multiplied and radiates the qualities of love and unity into our world, quite like a power station. 

Anamé circles are definitely for you, in case you strive for choosing love and growth and opening your heart to others in any situation. I remember how excited I was when this initiation began. I saw it as an oasis for many who don’t have the opportunity to connect with Anamé Program any other way. Also, being a sceptic myself I think this is a great way for anyone who’d like to give Karma Killer Yoga a try and see if it works for them. And last but not least, by doing so they contribute to our world getting brighter and more elevated.;)

As human beings we grow as individuals, but also our world has been going through an evolution. This planet of ours is at the level of the solar plexus chakra at the moment, which supports us in becoming assertive and purposeful. On the other hand, we have to face the challenges of this energy, too, which is why human games and conflicts are exceptionally painful in these times. Many people feel that attacks driven by malice and hatred have become stronger in their lives. The answer to the difficulties of the solar plexus is one level higher, at the heart chakra.

There are only two kinds of feelings: fear and love. Every positive feeling comes from love, and every negative feeling comes from fear. Each moment when you decide to choose love, development and unity instead of fear and hatred, you uplift yourself but at the same time, you also help uplift our planet. The positive energy that’s being born in Anamé circles spreads out into the world, promoting light and love.

Because forces have forever existed that strive to make light, love, knowledge and consciousness grow in your world.

There are members of this brotherhood who became manifested in the spiritual world, but there are also many who live in physical bodies – I continued, because everything he said suddenly became clear to me. As if it were very familiar to me from somewhere. As if I had somehow gotten to know it, or rather, as if I had always known it.

Poo-Tar nodded. You are not alone! Throughout the world, in every country, in every walk of life, many are working to grow the light. There are scientists, inventors, artists, healers, financial experts, politicians and teachers amongst you.

You, our kin in physical bodies, have taken the burden of materialism upon yourselves, but with this comes the precious opportunity of being able to act from direct proximity and enact change.

We are in connection with all of you on a higher energy level, helping your work. If you can reach this higher energy level, only then can a higher wisdom manifest through you, and only then can you connect with this spirituality. You, who live in physical bodies, can come to us by reaching this higher energy level.

/Fragment from Karma Killer by Anamé Valéria Balázs/

OK, I feel like trying. What’s the first step?

Well, you may establish an Anamé circle yourself. 

You can be an Anamé circle organizer as well, if you feel like representing the spirit of Anamé Program. You agree to maintain this spirit in the group and make sure that the sessions take place in accordance with the framework set by Anamé.

For further information please contact Anamé Program

Or, you may join an existing Anamé circle. Let me introduce two organizers here, both of whom are important members of the Anamé community, doing an incredible job.


1. For how long have you been an Anamé circle organiser and where are you located?

I organized my very first Anamé Circle on 13 February 2020, but it could have been considered as sort of a trial. Anamé Circle Warsaw was ‘officially’ established on 16 June 2020. In line with my city of residence, the location is indicated as ‘Warsaw’ however I need to admit that there are members from outside of this town as well. As due to the COVID-19 pandemic we meet up online, the platform provides us with the possibility to join from all over the world 😉

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

My friend showed me the basic exercises (available on YouTube – Body, Soul, Spirit and Unity) in April 2017. I was severely suffering from PTSD back then and my only thought was while I was watching her practicing: “Hey, I can do this”. By the time I finished the Body exercise, I sensed that type of freedom what I have never felt before. Little did I know that I would even experience a lot more than that by keep practicing.

3. What was your motivation to take on the role of an Anamé circle organiser?

I would say that was sort of a calling. In the course of one of the meditations of Anamé, the idea – to do more for the world – popped up and although I did not believe that eventually it will be implemented, I gave it a try and asked my colleagues whether they would like to practice with me in a group. Surprisingly one after another they said yes J From that moment on, I felt that this is sacred. Our intention to elevate the world is blessed.

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any noticeable changes?

Belonging to a community where I feel appreciated and respected all the time is priceless. Sharing those experiences when we chose love despite all the difficulties of the outside world gives me hope and motivation even if I feel blue momentarily. Practicing alone is great but jointly is just simply amazing. It is so tangible. During our practice I feel so grounded, I am in line with my highest self, I tap into the source. Most of the times at the end of our practices, we are speechless, our eyes are full of tears and our hearts are filled with joy but not joy from this world, rather joy from above. Everyone senses it. That’s the reason why we don’t really have many pictures about these events J It is so sacred, better not to interrupt it with earthly ‘issues’.

5. If someone would like to join your Anamé circle, how can they get in touch with you?

They can find me on Facebook as Maja Jedlicska and on Instagram as om_pumpkin_pie

In addition to that there is a Facebook group called ‘Love and Unity – Anamé Circle Warsaw’ where anyone is warmly welcome to join our Anamé Circle.


1. For how long have you been an Anamé circle organiser and where are you located?

I’m located in England, London and I’ve been organising since June 2020.

2. Could you say a couple words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

All my life I felt something is missing or something is not right. Either in relationships either in jobs etc. Somehow I felt that I was always running the same circles in my life.. same problems came back over and over again. Financial difficulties, smoking, health problems. One day I woke up and I felt exhausted: my health was a disaster, I couldn’t accept myself and I hated my job. Then one of my friends called me and she asked me if I’ve ever heard about Anamé Program. I’ve never heard of it but I thought let’s check it out. The first day I watched all the videos I found, and the next day me and my friend started to practice. That was 1st of April 2017, and since then I’ve been practicing every day. I can say the program changed my life. I stopped smoking, lost weight, and everything changed in how I am looking at the world.

3. What was your motivation to take on the role of an Anamé circle organiser?

From the first day I started to practice I felt connected with this energy that Anamé Program mediates. I felt pure love and unity.  And I would love to show this to other people. We all deserve love and we are one. If I can just reach out to one person  and show how life can be different then I’m happy 😊 

4. What difference do the Anamé circles make to your life and to those in your circle? Do you experience any noticeable changes?

Aname circles helped me to see we are not alone. We are all one and we can do something together for this world and feel the divine love and the energy. Together we can go higher and bring this love and unity to this world. They changed me to accept others, listen more, be stable and to open my heart. 

5. If someone would like to join your Anamé circle, how can they get in touch with you?

They can find me on Facebook at Aname circle Uk. 

How should I picture an Anamé circle session?

The agenda of an Anamé circle is always uniform and very simple.


The two palms are together in front of the heart at the beginning of our lessons. It is important to know that this is not a religious gesture, but a symbol, which means we are one as we lift up our hearts. If you do not want to make this gesture or are uncomfortable with the affirmation text for any reason, just listen inward. It will be perfectly fine!


The organizer or a volunteer says these two sentences: “This meeting is about love and unity. We work to lift up ourselves and to remember to choose love all the time, despite all the difficulties of the outside world.”


For the first time and when there are new participants, you briefly introduce yourselves and discuss who has known or practiced the Anamé Program and for how long.


The two palms are together again in front of the heart and the organizer or a volunteer (any member of the group can speak) says loudly the common affirmations, while the others may speak loudly or just quietly by themselves.






Doing the home exercises (Body, Soul, Spirit, and Unity exercises) for three times. At the end of each exercise, everyone says the mantras, and the exercise ends with a modified stress relief exercise. This can also be done in a stable standing position.


Sharing your development as a result of exercising. Briefly discussing what progress you have experienced since the last Anamé Circle and/or situations in your life where you have been able to choose love, development and unity. When it comes to a difficult life situation, you still need to focus on how to lift yourself and how practice helps. It is important that you do not blame yourself or others for what happened. Every spoken word has power because it is vibration, i.e. frequency, so stay positive! This helps keep the Anamé Circle’s energy levels high.

It is also very important that you acknowledge each other and the efforts of the other, that you have opened your heart instead of closing it in a situation where it would have been easier to choose seclusion and anger. This is a huge thing! Therefore, in the feedback, open your heart to the speaker and acknowledge them. Our recommendation is to say, “We honor you and support you!”, But feel free to say anything that comes from your heart.

The group decides how much time you want to spend on sharing your feedback. Of course, if you don’t want to talk, that’s okay, but we encourage you to share your experiences!


Meditation exercise for 5 minutes, which can also be done while standing stable.


Repetition of the common affirmations that the organizer or a volunteer speaks out loud and the others can speak loudly or only to themselves.


The two palms are closed before the heart, just like at the end of our lessons.


The end of the Anamé circle when you say loving goodbye to each other.

What to keep in mind before the Anamé Circle: If you don’t already have a mantra, use Anamé’s video to formulate one you will be using during the Body exercise. The common mantra for other exercises can be found by the videos of the exercises.

In the next post I’m awaiting you with more details and personal experiences on Anamé circles and how they may help you change your life. See you next week!

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