About Anamé circles by Anamé Program – part 2

In the previous post you could get acquainted with the general idea of Anamé circles and were introduced to two Anamé circle organizers.

In this blogpost I thought I’d give you an overview of the course of the circles, which was outlined in the previous post, a couple of more interviews with personal experience of Anamé circle members and also a guide as to how you can organize a circle yourself, wherever you live.

The agenda of Anamé circles – why we do what we do?

Self-observation with the two hands in front of the heart, palms together. It is a perfect way to direct your focus inside from your surroundings. The posture gives you a composure and the feeling of collectedness and helps you arrive in the present moment. It’s also a fine way to greet the other members and assert that what is about to happen is significant and deserves all your attention.

Opening the Anamé circle with the organizer or a volunteer saying out loud This meeting is about love and unity. We work to lift up ourselves and to remember to choose love all the time, despite all the difficulties of the outside world.

Uttered words have power. These two sentences declare the goal of the Anamé circle clearly, and help to express your intentions both on an individual level and also on that of the group.

  1. Introductions, whenever necessary, support the unity of the group and of people getting to know each other a little bit. They can learn about one another’s motivation and help to reduce the potential anxiety.
  2. Saying the affirmations I love myself with all my heart and I love you with all my heart. I forgive myself for everything and I forgive you for everything. I am blessed and you are blessed. I uplift my heart to God and bring back the light I find there to our world together multiplies the effect of the individual intentions. It’s also a clear statement of what kind of values you choose and what kind of world you want to create. To me, these affirmations are helpful also in my day to day life, whenever I have hard feelings for someone. I like to repeat them several times and already feel the hard feelings dissolve. Feel free to try them;)
  3. The exercises you do here are basically the free exercises of Anamé Program. Here I’d like to give you a short insight into what they are good for with links on which you can try them. Again, these exercises I like to do every day even if I don’t have time for further practice. They help me keep my energy level high and thanks to them it’s easier to be more productive with a higher spirit.

But first, a bit of a background as to how and why they were made accessible for everybody to practice.

Anamé Valéria Balázs, the founder of Anamé Program and Karma Killer Yoga had been using various, highly effective exercises both in groups and on private sessions for many years before she decided to make some of them available for free usage. That was because she knew that there were people in need for whom the only option to get in touch with the energy that she’s working with was through these free exercises. But with time they became useful for others as well, who wanted to try the method to see if it works before investing in any class or course. To this day, we keep receiving many positive feedback on the results of practicing them.

So let’s have a look at them, one by one.

The body exercise

This exercise, as you probably guessed right, is mainly about the body and the physical level. It activates your strength and reinforces the power of your intention. If you set a goal for yourself, the body exercise by Anamé Program will help you achieve it by promoting collectedness and steadfastness of purpose and also by invigorating your power center. And because of that, you use you own mantra with this exercise.


The soul exercise

Compared to the relatively closed end posture of the body exercise, the soul exercise by Anamé Program is open sideways and upward at the level of the heart and upward. Here you’re not alone with your endeavors and ready to connect to others and to the celestial world. Its mantra is I love and accept myself and everyone else. We are one.


The spirit exercise

It symbolizes the constant endeavor for evolving. To not sit still until you reach your highest self, your highest potential. To know that you are more than just your physical body and to live accordingly, looking at everything from a higher point of view. Its mantra is I gratefully accept the light and blessing shining upon me.


The unity exercise

Although the end position is the same here as for the spirit exercise, the breathing is different and so is the message. It works with your intention to uplift our world by means of your very self, by your true values. Its mantra is I uplift the Earth, the whole world shines.


The stress relieving exercise

Well, this one pretty much speaks for itself. The previous four exercises may bring tension to the surface in case there are any blockages in the free flow of energy connected to any of the above themes.


6. Giving feedback and listen to other’s about the progress you have experienced since the last Anamé Circle session and/or situations in your life where you have been able to choose love, development and unity. 

In many cases it helps to notice the changes you’re going through if you form them and say them out loud. It’s also inspiring and reinforcing to hear one another’s stories.

7. The meditation exercise helps you connect deeply to the vastness of existence, helping you see the truth behind the many facades of the visible world and to you stabilize yourself in it.


8. By repeating the affirmations of the Anamé circles you reinforce your values and engrave them on a deeper level.

9. When you bring your hands to your heart again, just like at the beginning of your session you close it with gratitude and and reassert its values.

10. When you say goodbye to one another you express your love and gratitude and appreciation to others, and also that you’re happy to have been able to spend your time with them in the spirit of love and unity.

Some more experience from Anamé circle members and organizers

Enjoy reading the replies of these beautiful souls!


1. For how long have you been a member of your Anamé circle?

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

3. What was your motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle?

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1. I am a member of my Anamé circle from April 2019.

2. I got in contact with Anamé Program by my grandmother. One day, when I went to visit her, she was waiting for me with her laptop with a paused youtube video on the screen with Anamé and she said: “Come, sit down and listen to her, she is talking about things you used to!”

Long story short, my grandma is an angel! 😀 o:)

I was for at least one year in a searching phase – desiring and praying for somebody, who knows exactly the connection between the soul and body to be able to work on it by his/her teachings. And wishing this person existed here – at least in Europe, not just in Tibet! 😀 Somehow my feelings whispered it will be Hungary, but you know… it seemed soo very unrealistic! 😀 

And then my grandmother came with this video in the moment, when I felt really desperately, almost losing my faith, and I could hardly believe, that it is real – she is real! 😀

3. My motivation was to establish a group to be in contact with this energy as much as I can and to make it possible to people around me, to my family as well.

4. I experience what means on the level of feelings to connect through the group where the focus of intention is love.

Through the common exercising and sharing there are a lot of walls, varieties of feelings, explosions and what I experience and I feel more deeper and deeper what means “I become less so I become more”.

Thank you!

Love you so much! ❤


1. For how long have you been a member of your Anamé circle?

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

3. What was your motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle?

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1. I have started to organise Anamé circles as soon as Anamé announced this new form of exercising together. We started out with 3 members including me and unfortunately we were never able to practice it being physically together because of the huge driving distance that is between us. But as the world’s situation changed this online practicing became the new normal. I have to say that practicing online together never felt like a barrier. It was rather a blessing that we could connect even though the great distance. So as I said we started out 3 and our group grew to 6 members who practice regularly together every week. Some of us are practicing in other groups as well.

 2. I have been practicing with Anamé Program for 3 yrs and a half now but before I was a member of another spiritual school for more than 20 years. During those spiritual school years I thought that I was advancing on my spiritual path and life and I thought as I was above everyday’s problems and nothing could touch me or get me out of balance just because I KNEW about the path. So the contrast was huge when I discovered Anamé Program because Anamé’s path is mainly about being active and actively doing something for your advancement. It’s not about meditating on highly symbolic spiritual texts but about consciously breathing air in simple body postures while following the air’s path in the body. It is practical and extremely effective compared to any other teachings where you only have to meditate on some concepts.

3. My motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle was definitely to be able to practice in a group of people for a common goal that is to elevate ourselves and through our growing light, elevate the World. During these 3 years of practicing with Anamé I saw a tremendous change in my life. I have seen difficulties appear for a short period just to give way to something much better than before. For me it is proof that if I can have an effect on my world then we definitely can have an effect on a much bigger scale as well. For me this is a good motivation to keep going on this path. Also the fact that our group is growing and other people joining us with the same motivation is a great feeling and for me it is a sign that we are going in the right direction.

4. For me Anamé circles are about the connection with others and practicing for the same goals. It helps to open my heart to others and allows me to lower those mental barriers that I have built up in me because of painful interactions of the past where I felt hurt. It also gives stability in my day to day life to not get swallowed up in automatic reactions, but to be able to choose love instead of anger. For me these are fundamental and extraordinary changes because I remember how I was before and how I reacted in every days’ situations. So I am very grateful for the possibility that Anamé circles exist.


  1. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

2. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1. I am a spiritual being who is trying to experience life as it unfolds with all the grace, sorrows and unknown. I learned about Anamé Program from a beautiful friend and I did not hesitate for a second to join a group.

2. Anamé circle is a beautiful place where I feel safe and accepted. The energy that is generated during the session uplifts me and makes me a better person. I feel lighter and more connected to my soul. I noticed that I am much calmer, grounded and have more of the creative structure in my life so that I can easily move through the day being more aware. I found Anamé circles the real blessing that happened exactly when I needed a miracle.


1. For how long have you been a member of your Anamé circle?

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

3. What was your motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle?

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1.Well, currently I am not a member of a circle. I organized one last September and ran it until this June. At that time I was experiencing very intense cleansing reactions and both practicing in and running a circle became overwhelming. Thus I decided to stop and I have not joined a circle ever since.

2.I’ve had a chronic pain issue for about 12 years. Once it became clear to me that the medical road was a dead-end street I started trying alternative methods. Homeopathy combined with psychotherapy was very effective for me but after about 5 years I felt that my progress in healing reached a plateau. At around this time I came across a radio interview with Aname on Facebook and I knew right away that I had to try her program. This was on a Friday before a long weekend and I was at the Aname center the following Tuesday (May 26, 2015), and I’ve been practicing ever since. The reason this method captured and has held my attention is that it is the most holistic one I have ever come across (and I have tried quite a few). Also, it is the most thorough one as it gets to the very root of every and any kind of issue in one’s life, be it physical/health, mental or spiritual. And now I know that it is about much more than that 🙂

3. At first I felt some resistance about the circles. There were too many rules for my free spirit and I am not very fond of having my picture taken, let alone posting it publicly. But deep down I knew that this was a great cause and I felt that I had to be part of it, so I decided to organize a circle myself.

4. Hosting the circles in my home was a great experience. I enjoyed the preparation: tidying up, letting some fresh air in, lighting a few tealights, and just sitting still till everyone arrived. Practice was very different from practicing on my own. I was not able to focus solely on myself, instead I was paying attention to everyone. This was not a conscious choice, it just happened. In a way it felt like making sure everyone was all right. Also, I needed to know/feel when to move on to the next exercise. Sharing our week’s experience was sometimes very brief but at other times it turned into longer and very intimate conversations. 

Practicing in a circle for me was more about doing something great together and bonding at a very deep level rather than my own personal growth. Yet, it contributed to the latter, too. Being a very private person, I had to make an effort to open up my home to people who had never been here before and whom I may not even have met before. I also had to be(come) comfortable with the idea that new members may/will join at any time. Managing the group (mostly the logistics) had its challenges at times, too. My intention was always to do it with love, accommodating everyone’s needs as much as possible. I also had to learn to find a balance between feeling responsible for the circle and my own personal needs, and trust that the circle will take place even if I’m not able to attend (and thus to be the host).

Being a member/organizer/host of a circle was a wonderful and memorable experience and I do miss it but somehow I feel that at this point in my life I have to walk a somewhat lonelier path.


1. For how long have you been a member of your Anamé circle?

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

3. What was your motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle?

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1.I’ve attended three different Anamé circles in the past year and a half.

2. I’m an open minded engineer with an experimenter attitude towards life. I’m in my late thirties. Father of two little boys. Partner of a child-loving lady committed to self-development. 

I’ve heard about Anamé Program from a family friend. I had so serious back pain that I could only work in a standing position at that time. Since I usually work 5 to 8 hours a day in front of a computer, it wasn’t that easy. I tried to solve my problem with the help of a chiropractor and also with a reiki healer. Those methods worked for me for only a limited time period and my overall status was getting worse. I’ve read about Anamé’s incredible healing and decided to give it a chance. I started to practice the free exercises for 40 minutes every morning (the 21 day challenge). After 10 days my back pain was gone.

Three years have passed since then and I got much more from Anamé Program than a healthy back. Despite the fact that my general health is much better, my mental health has also improved. I can do my work more efficiently. My overall mood is happier than ever and I feel that it is just the beginning of this journey.

This is the first method that I could build into my daily routine for a long time. I like to connect with myself through these exercises and usually I can’t wait to practice. It has become the best pastime of my me-time.

3. I didn’t want to be left out. 🙂 I wanted to connect with like minded people who walk the same path as I have. It was so natural like joining with your tribe.

4. I always got warm and friendly greetings when attending an Anamé circle. The feedback circle is held after the exercises and since the exercises can strongly improve your mood it is like connecting with the best version of others.

In the spring during quarantine I attended an Anamé circle every day. I was in a very bad mood but the circles helped me a lot to maintain my emotional stability and a hopeful state of mind.

Lately, the focus has been on my individual exercises, but sometimes I’m happy to join others too.


1. For how long have you been a member of your Anamé circle?

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

3. What was your motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle?

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1. In February of 2020, I organised an Anamé Circle myself in Galway, Ireland, however following the spring lockdowns, our small group fell apart. I decided then to put this project away for another time, and instead redirect my focus toward my personal growth, in part so that I could apply the results as an organiser of an Aname Circle in the future. The first time I was invited to the Warsaw Anamé circle was in August 2020, though I didn’t immediately hop on the opportunity. Flash forward to a few weeks ago, and I’ve found myself in this amazing group! I do not regret it one bit.

2. I came across Anamé Program through Facebook in august of 2016. I had seen a video wherein a woman told the story of how Anamé Program benefited her husband’s recovery following stroke. Anamé’s book, Karma Killer, had a great influence on me, changing my outlook on the world to its core. Back then, I was in a pretty dark place in my life, I wasn’t feeling well physically nor mentally. Because I live abroad and didn’t have the opportunity to attend Aname Program’s Studio in Budapest, I began practising by doing the basic exercises, which can be found on YouTube, each day.

My energy level noticeably increased, and I somehow began seeing the world through different colours. Soon after, I tried out the personalised 1 on 1 Skype sessions, which brought about even more results. Not only a number of my chronic physical symptoms, but also many inner conflicts, began to calm. I experienced the growth of my inner strength, stability and mental clarity.

For many changes in my life, I have Anamé Program to give thanks to. It has given me a type of practical knowledge about the way in which I work that I want to continue growing, and that I could never have learnt from just books. Therefore, I am extremely grateful for the program!

3. For one, I was driven by curiosity. I wanted to gain even more experience relating to practice and get an outlook into the ways in which an Anamé Circle works. On the other hand, the fact I can do something for the world fills me with great warmth. This is why I will soon re-organise our Irish Anamé Circle, however I would like to also remain a member of the team in Warsaw. Another motivation for me was the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who want to better themselves, who may otherwise differ massively, but are regardless all searching for physical and mental balance, and the kind of positivity that Anamé Program has given to the world.

4. I am quite introverted and don’t find it easy opening up to new people. Participating in an Anamé Circle has been helping gradually shift this, and I have noticed that the higher my energy level is, the more inclined I am to be open to the world, and that practice aides me to be increasingly flexible in the face of life’s challenges. Practicing in a group has therefore been a huge change for me, as I spent a very long time doing breathing exercises alone. At the end of each get together, we all experience the blessing benefits that result from the binding of our energies. I have found myself in a supportive community where it does not matter who I am, we simply get together for a session and breathe in sync, bringing about shared emotions, thoughts and goals which are strengthened by mantras both for ourselves and the world. The organised times for each group session gives routine to practice.

When you are alone, it is so much easier to fall into postponing behaviour, whereas in a group, there is always a pulling factor that brings you back. This is one of the reasons I was very glad, when during the early days of the pandemic, Anamé Program made their group classes also available online. In today’s world, an alienation between people can be observed, therefore any community, no matter the size, can be a huge benefit to our lives. This is what Anamé Circles are about: they strengthen unity!

Now I really feel like organizing an Anamé circle myself. What do I do?

First, visit the Anamé circle UK group on Facebook where you’ll find important information. For any further information or support please contact Anamé Program at info@anameprogram.com.

I hope to see you as a host soon! And meet me in my next post where I’ll share some of my own experiences.

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