Seven ways to induce real change in your life – the jumbo jet challenge with Anamé Program – part 2

In the previous post I wrote about the effect of your diet and body/skin care routine. In this one I’ll continue with some more useful tips: all of which have already been tested thoroughly.:)

So, without further ado, if you don’t mind, I’ll go on with listing them.

Practice and meditation

Long years of experience show that the exercises and meditations of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program are inevitable for me in keeping a high energy level, which is the best way to invite positive change. 

And whenever I feel my energy level drop, resistance is popping up for sure, which can easily become a vicious circle. So what I’ve learnt is no matter how tired or depressed or upset I feel, it’s important to convince myself to practice every day, even if for a couple of minutes per day, if that’s the most I can do. I haven’t experienced such a low energy level in a long time now, but can remember it vividly and also how hard it is to do anything at all, let alone motivate myself. 

The free yoga exercises of Anamé Program are designed specifically to elevate you to a higher energy level on a physical, emotional and spiritual level as well.

So that would be my most important advice: be consistent with your practice! In case you cannot keep up with the five repetitions of body, soul, spirit and unity exercises followed by one stress relieving exercise, then do as many as you can. One is already more than nothing.:)

The second one is just as important: love yourself! Try not to look at your daily practice as another task that you somehow need to squeeze into your already crammed daily routine. Instead, try to see it as valuable time that you spend with yourself, for your development, your wellbeing.

Try to start your day with practice! It really makes a difference, as it gives you a boost of energy for the day. You’ll feel more focused, collected and ready to face the challenges ahead of you.

Whenever the change you’d like to see in your life or your goal seems to be hopeless or far away, even impossible or if you’re told that it’s downright idiocy, start doing the exercises instead of letting yourself be discouraged. So whenever you’re afraid or worried or in doubt about yourself or your goal, just stop the negative cycle by starting to practice.

A piece of advice you can hear often is if you have negative thoughts or feelings, just break the negativity and turn it into positive. This is good advice. The only problem with it is that to be able to do that, you need the focus, composedness and self-discipline of an already relatively high energy level. But in too many cases when you feel down, it’s hard to find these qualities in you, if possible at all. Or you may be a type of person for whom they don’t come naturally. 

If that’s the case with you, or during difficult times turning your attitude or your point of view and changing your inner environment may be just too much to ask for. But, depending on the severity of your problem, doing some exercises, even for a couple of minutes per day will already help trigger change. 

In my own life, I’d gone through some hard periods of depression. They were not so severe that I’d seek medical help, but bad enough to feel completely unmotivated and cut from positive thoughts or feelings. So I know very well, from my own experience that in some settings or situations, when even to make it through your day somehow seems to be a huge challenge, you simply won’t have what it takes to turn a negative cycle round with using your mind and willpower. 

And even if you manage to do so, in too many cases it is not permanent. When you have a more powerful minute or day you feel you can manage but then you may lose it again. If you’ve ever experienced that yo-yo effect, you should definitely try the exercises. With their help you will be able to turn the process: by raising your frequency you gain more control over your inner environment, your emotional and mental states. So remember, that only a higher energy level gives you the freedom of choice. Being in a lower frequency band won’t allow you to choose. On the contrary, it’ll determine your inner environment, squeezing you into a narrow range of reactions, both inside and outside.

The more specific your goal is, the stronger and faster you want your life to change, I recommend the personalized exercises of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program, as well. Not because the free exercises are not effective. But as with everything else in your life, there is an energetic component to this matter, too. 

And although you can find them in earlier posts as well, the five free exercises you’ll find once more at the end of this post (please observe the sequence. The general recommendation is five repetition per exercises. In case of any health condition please consult your healthcare provider. In the case of high blood pressure, reflux or panic attacks please choose the modified versions).


When it comes to lifestyle, basically wherever you turn, you’ll definitely run into the advice of physical activity. It’s many positive effects on your health and overall wellbeing are proved scientifically, too, in several aspects.

So we all know that being physically active can not only ensure a better quality of life but can reduce the risk of various cardiovascular, gastrointestinal or skeletomuscular disorders, leads to improved immune reactions and an elevated mood.

From an energetic point of view, physical activity (ideally combined with spending time outside and getting some fresh air) generally helps to maintain a higher energy level. You may have experienced that if you’re at home feeling down and unmotivated or upset, it’s good to go out for a walk. Physical activity can contribute to getting stuck emotional or mental states moving and parallel to that get the energy flow more freely.

Another benefit is physical strength. If you’ve ever had an experience of being physically fit, you’ll know what I mean. And I’m not talking about looking and living like a fitness coach or spending hours in the gym 3-4 times a week. But if there has ever been a period in your life where you felt more fit compared to your – well, how do I put this:) – less fit yourself, due to some regular exercise or outdoor activity, you probably noticed the pleasant attributes. Being fitter means bigger strength – not only physically, but in the face of difficulties and hard times. It also provides a higher sense of stability.

Planning and organizing

Now, this one has many layers. I’ll start with the most obvious one, and then continue with the rest (in a well organized sequence;)). 

Planning your goal is an exciting project. It requires you to truly, deeply connect with yourself and with the desire of your heart. There’s no place for defeatism or being half-hearted here.

If you already figured it out, form it clearly, write it down and see it, feel it, keep it with you all the time.

If you don’t have it yet, feel free to spend time on it. At Anamé Program, we used to have courses whose theme was the heart’s desire. Anamé asked the questions: what is it that you really, truly want? What was so important to you that it was worth the effort to be born for? What is it that you want to see happen in your life so badly that you came to this world for it? She used to say it doesn’t matter if you don’t see how it could come true or how impossible it seems.

Just let yourself be still with these questions. Take your time, we’re not rushing anywhere.

It can also happen that you have absolutely no clue what the desire of your heart is, no matter how much you try to listen. What then? Sorry, you’re screwed. No, just kidding.:)

It’s alright, too, just go with something that you feel would make you happy and really content. It’s important that you don’t settle for OK, though. Go big. Find something that makes your heart sing, that makes your whole being want to dance. Something that makes you fall in love with your life.

Once you have your goal, see how it’ll change your life. The more details and feelings you connect with the picture, the better. Stay with it, keep it with you, live as if it was already a reality. How does it feel to wake up every morning and live that life? How does it look, what do you do, how do you feel yourself, whom you spend your time with, what thoughts and emotions you have, how do you treat yourself and others and how do they treat you in return?

Having set up your picture and the vibe of your new life, it’s good to plan and organize your routines and environment so that everything in your life supports it.

Whatever change you’d like to see in your life, you may achieve it faster if the way you live is structured, simple and transparent. Disorder and mess will invite similar vibrations and make it harder for you to picture and feel your new life clearly, while order, structure and simplicity will be of great help.

Start with creating a schedule. Plan your weeks and days in advance. Try to eliminate actions and habits that waste your energy. That energy you get back will be used for building your dream life. Think of it rather as a supporting frame, not as a rigid or rigorous one. As a general rule, the more clear and simple and effective it is, the more it’ll help you remain focused.

The same goes for your environment and the objects you are surrounded by and those that you use. The less clutter there is around you or the fewer unused, unliked, unnecessary or broken objects, the fewer things to divert your attention from what you’d like to invite into your life. So try to keep your surroundings clear, clean, organized, simple and free of clutter.

The more specific your goal is, the stronger and faster you want your life to change, I recommend the personalized exercises of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program, as well. Not because the free exercises are not effective enough, but as with everything else in your life, the energy you invest in something will return. And the more you’re willing to do for your goal, the more you’ll see the results.


Everything that has been listed above will strengthen your ability to keep your focus. The creative power of focus does exist, but for most people it’s not strong and consistent and structured enough to show its true potential.

Clean, healthy food and body/skin care products and routines with regular physical exercise and the practice of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program organized into well structured daily/weekly routines are all going to promote the creative power of your focus. They are useful tools in themselves, but combined with each other they form a very powerful basis for transformation and change.

Why? Where you place your focus, the energy follows. So why isn’t it enough to simply work with that? Because your focus, on the one hand, needs exercise, pretty much like your muscles do to get strong. And again, just like in the case of your muscles, it does matter on what type of ‘soil’, what nutrients they develop on. And it also matters what method you use for training them. For instance, it’ll be hard to develop well formed muscles by doing cardio work only and eating lots of sugar and fat.

Observation and mindfulness

And last but not least, it’ll be a constant endeavor to keep your focus and the elevated energy level you reached with the help of the previous six methods. So when you’ve reached your goal and the change you wanted begins to manifest in your life, you’ll have to keep it and cherish it.

It may sound like a never ending fight, but in reality, by the time you get there, the lifestyle that helped you reach your goal will become more attractive to you. With this change you’ll gradually feel uneasy with many things that seemed to be comfortable before.

So what are the things that will need your attention and require mindfulness? Reaching a higher energy level and working intently for your heart’s desire will bring up resistance. Personal growth and development always does. This is a natural phenomenon: don’t consider it as a sign of you doing something wrong or being stuck in your progress. 

You will, almost for certain, face all those shadows in you that try to hold your back from development. Trying to convince you that it’s all stupid or in the best case scenario useless. 

Fear, anger, feeling small and incompetent, desperate or sad: anything can pop up.   Negativity may even get stronger temporarily. 

Ok, let’s see what you can do if it happens. Well, the first and most important thing: do not stop your practice and routines! Remember, that’s exactly the goal of whatever is trying to hold you back. So don’t give in.

Notice whatever pops up, acknowledge it as part of the process and continue anyway. In case it’s overwhelming, be kind to yourself and make some compromises. Do fewer exercises, let yourself relax more.

Try to remain conscious of your inner processes. If a negative feeling or thought emerges, it may be a natural part of evolving: a pattern coming up to the surface and cleaning out of your system. It may also be a form of resistance when your old ways of acting and reacting (being, actually) are trying to shepherd you back to your old tracks of lower energy level. See which one it is. See which way it wants to take you. If it promotes the change you want and live that dream life of yours or tries to divert you from it. 

Hold on to what you want. With your choices, with what you eat and drink, with how you do your job, your environment, and how you treat yourself (both outside and inside), with being consistent and structured and focused. And don’t forget: whenever it feels too much, don’t overthink it. Just start doing the exercises, right away.

I hope you’ll enjoy the journey. 

In the next posts I’d like to talk about relationships: their importance and difficulties and what you can do to raise them to a higher level, which can help even in cases that seem to be beyond repair. It is an exciting topic and I really hope to see you there!

Body exercise:

Modified version:

Soul exercise:

Modified version:

Spirit exercise:

Modified version:

Unity exercise:

Modified version:

Stress relieving exercise:

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