Find your calling with the help of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program – making money, career or fulfilling your true purpose from the point of view of your chakras

Depending on where you are in your life, different aspects of having an occupation may be what you’re interested in. For example, when I had to take care of my 5 year old daughter all by myself while paying the debt on the house, the first thing I thought about was not a dream job where I could live up to my full potential. My focus was much more on finding a job that paid decently.  The workplace had to be close enough to the school so that I could take her in the morning and pick her up in time in the afternoon. Fair enough, I guess. So, I just wanted to point out that whatever your goal might be on this money – career – fulfilling your purpose line, it’s OK.

Also, you can be sure that it’ll bring you closer to your true self, your true calling. Let’s check out what the different chakras can offer you in this field and how they represent the various aspects of making money or a career or living up to your highest potential.

Root chakra

In the previous two posts, with the topic of stress I showed you a somewhat different face of the root chakra: the one that’s responsible for stability and practicality. But the root chakra also has an important role in your relationship with money, material goods and abundance.

There may be periods in our lives, just like the above mentioned in mine, when livelihood seems more important than self development and that’s perfectly OK.

And once at this topic, I want to grab the opportunity to talk a bit about this real life versus spiritual or self development issue. So many times I hear people talk about spirituality, a higher purpose of life or only about being more conscious as something extra that you do when you’re done with all the other important things in your life. Like your health and family or relationship problems, finances, conflicts at your workplace, etc. It sounds as if they considered it as a kind luxury that you pay attention to only when every issue or problem of your life is sorted out. 

I don’t believe in such a division between mundane or ordinary and spiritual. I believe that if there’s something more to our lives than what is driven by matter and coincidence, it’s not limited to certain fields. In case there was a separate territory for spirit and another one for matter or ‘worldly’ things, it’d be as if we put an equality sign between the two, attributing the same amount of power to them. It’d be like a marriage where you’d see your spouse’s physical appearance and his or her characteristics as two separate things. 

As someone who’s been practicing Karma Killer Yoga for over twenty years and teaching it for more than eight, my experience is that spirit is ruling over matter. It has a creating and a transforming force and matter, the one that has a lower vibration out of the two, is subordinated to it. 

How does it look in real life? Pretty cool, actually.😎 In order to show you how the magic works, first I want to quickly give you a clue on how the chakra diagnosis in Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program is done. 

So the basic idea is pretty simple: matter follows energy. Therefore the physical body is like a map or a blueprint of your own unique energy pattern. Wherever the energy flow is more or less obstructed, the body will be either withered and weak or swollen and over tense compared to its average, depending on whether that area (or chakra, that is to say) is underfunctional or overfunctional.

So let’s say you have had enough of the lack of assertiveness in your life and its effects both in your professional and private life. Therefore, you decide to grab the problem by the roots and invest in a one to one Karma Killer Yoga session. During the chakra diagnosis you’ll get a map of the affected chakras and their current state, and which one(s) to start with and why, an outline of the changes that can be expected as well as your first series of exercises tailored to your specific situation, your needs.

And going back to this matter – spirit question, it’s worth having a look at what Jesus said about it.

Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear? ’For the Gentiles strive after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.

He doesn’t say that first you go and fix all your worldly troubles and then come to God for some extra goodies, right? No, he said seek him in the first place, and don’t worry about anything else.

Is it because Jesus didn’t know how overwhelming it can be to pay our bills and take care of our children AND deal with the whims of our boss at the same time?

Or maybe because he wanted to teach us that there’s no worldly issue outside the reach of spirituality?

After this short bypass, let’s return to what happens when you get your exercises and begin your practice.🙂 As the energy block or karmic blueprint begins to dissolve, it’ll immediately have an effect on your life, and also, on your body. Yes, it actually means that, for instance, parallel to finding your strength while you work with your solar plexus chakra the vertebrae of the lumbar section can get back to their healthy position. This is how it happens when you can actually follow in the physical body how matter does follow the energy. 

So what can an optimally working root chakra offer? The sense of abundance and being on good terms with money and material goods. You’ll be aware of the value of your work and feel comfortable getting value for what you give in return.

Let’s have a look at the other three now. The excerpts are again from the book Chakra Program by Anamé Valéria Balázs.

Solar plexus

In the case of an under-functioning chakra

  • our body is tight in the line of the navel, the spine bends in an overly tense concave shape at the waist
  • our body cools down easily, and our extremities are usually cold
  • our digestion is weak
  • we are inclined towards depression and are hard to motivate
  • we are indecisive. Will is like an invisible lasso that extends from the navel towards the goal. When the chakra under-functions, this lasso is loose, too thin and consists of jumbled, divergent strands
  • we get entangled in human intricacies. We usually fall short in these, we are oppressed, and are forced into the role of a victim, also our boundaries get encroached upon and we become vulnerable
  • our self-assertion and career is inhibited, and we constantly conscious up against barriers and difficulties.

In the case of an over-functioning chakra

  • our body is emphasized at the navel, and is swollen in this area
  • we are inclined towards revenge and anger
  • we are inclined towards domineering, manipulation using and oppressing others
  • the lasso of our will is a stiff steel hook that enchains us to our goal, which in this case becomes a heavy burden and causes enslavement
  • our thinking is competitive and we want to win at all costs


When the chakra works optimally, inhibiting factors cease. Such practitioners know what they want to achieve in the world and will achieve it, without causing themselves or others harm. Their intentions have power. They inspire and fascinate others.

At this level, you basically use your strength, self confidence, willpower, intention and perseverance to achieve your goals – in this case, to find a job or to build a career. 

Heart chakra

As well as with the root chakra, you can get acquainted with a different aspect of the heart chakra here. 

Besides being the area responsible for love and feelings, this is the place where you truly experience yourself as a part of a bigger community. And with that, you begin to feel the desire to find your purpose within that community. And also the desire to serve the goal that you were born for the best way you can.

It’s like a calling: you know that your heart just won’t be satisfied until you live it, your highest, brightest self and that will serve like a fuel to the next chakra, the throat, the one responsible for truth and your calling.

Throat chakra

After you have strengthened yourself in the material world at the level of the bottom three chakras, the willpower of the solar plexus chakra is joined by noble and elevated emotions at the level of the heart. That is how the will to complete your destiny is born within you.

Every person is born with an individual energy pattern and individual treasure that only they are capable of adding to our world. By the time you get here, the cleansing process will have cleansed you to the extent that these values get to be manifested in their true forms. A master who lived two thousand years ago once said the following about this state: “I am who I am”.

This is the highest state of being for us humans, in which you undoubtedly are where you should be, already fulfilling your life purpose and living up to your full potential. Until that state is reached, you’re most likely to have a – to some extent – under or overfunctioning throat chakra. Let’s have a look at the signs below.

In the case of an under-functioning chakra

  • our chin and collarbones pull downwards
  • our self-knowledge and self-acceptance are flawed
  • we are introverted and silent. Our inner world has difficulty manifesting in the external world.
  • we are secretive, we feel shame and hide
  • we sacrifice the manifestation of our true self for something else (e.g. relationships, security)

In the case of an over-functioning chakra

  • our chin pulls upwards
  • our ego is overinflated
  • our personality constantly strives to manifest itself. We are overly extrovert, typified by communicational exhibitionism
  • we constantly express our opinions
  • we proclaim great truths about all areas of life, and tell everyone what to do, the way a smart-ass does


When the chakra functions optimally, you are no longer the same as the difficulties of your past, your human intricacies, infixed reactions, perspective and illusions. All that you thought to be your personality falls away from you. Your inner world changes. Your circumstances change so that you can fulfill your duty in life. Everything that is not based on truth leaves you, but only because this is how the new, perfect coincidence of circumstances can be built around you, enabling you to become your most wholesome.

Let’s stop here for a moment for the sake of the above sentence: All that you thought to be your personality falls away from you. Earlier, when I first became interested in self development, read about it, thought about it, I came to the conclusion that I should get to know myself in the first place.

The way I interpreted it back then was that in order to develop first I have to be aware of how I respond to certain situations, how I think about things, and my characteristics. In other words, what I thought to be my personality.

For example, it used to be difficult for me to accept change of plans. Let’s say I planned to work for half a day and then meet with a colleague, go to the grocery store and pharmacy, and then back to work in the evening for some more hours. And if my colleague suggested that we meet later or somewhere else than what we agreed on in the first place, I got anxious and irritated. 

I couldn’t handle the change of my plan flexibly back then. Instead, I’d be annoyed to rearrange my schedule or go to a different store. 

Based on that, I could’ve made the conclusion that I’m simply like that, someone who likes to stick to her plans and keep the control in her hand, and that it’s a characteristic of mine, therefore a part of my personality. Being inflexible or a control freak, depending on how nicely I wanted to put it.🙂

Before practicing Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program I did try to change it, actually. I tried to convince myself that it’s not such a tragedy to change my plans and that it could even have some positive outcome. I also tried to remain calm, reassuring myself that it’s not such a big deal and definitely nothing so serious as to be upset about and let it ruin my day. AND it’s not good for my health or my mood. Make a guess if it worked or not.😉

Actually, to a certain point it did work. I could see that it was true and logical, the reasoning, the logic of all of it. In that sense it wasn’t pointless and was a good try. But, as it turns out, we are not our thoughts. Far from it. I didn’t have to read it anywhere or receive it as a teaching, I knew it from experience. Because even if I knew that something was right, with my conscious mind, that is to say, my whole being didn’t always seem to obediently follow. 

In this very case, no matter how clearly I saw that although planning in itself is useful, being rigid about it is not. The first one helps me in managing my time, being more organized, and making sure I do whatever has to be done, while the other holds me back. Still, I had this feeling of annoyance and stress, whenever I was forced to change a plan.

What I couldn’t reach back then by convincing myself, the practice of Karma Killer Yoga did for me. In other posts I write a lot about how these deep changes happen by dissolving karmic blocks, here I’d rather return to the question of personality. 

Like in the above example, I could’ve said that I’m a person who likes to keep herself to her plans and doesn’t like sudden changes and being out of control. Then, I could either accept it as a part of my personality and live with it, or I could decide to change it. 

This is how Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program gave me a different approach to how I used to think about the importance of personality and characteristics and how I had to learn about mine in order to develop.

To find your calling, your purpose, what you basically do is clear away the blocks that cut you off of your true self. In my case, the need to control stemmed from fear and a lack of trust and Divine Providence. The exercises of Karma Killer Yoga helped me get rid of this fear and uncertainty, which is a much deeper transformation than if I tried to change the habit or the fixed view instead.

The same way, the road to your true self can be cleared, so that you find what you were born for. In the next post I want to link a completely different approach to finding your life’s purpose to what I experienced as a Karma Killer Yoga instructor.

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