How to become radiant – How your chakras determine the way you look and feel in your body, in the light of Karma Killer Yoga – Part 2

In the previous post, part one, I’ve approached the topic of radiance mostly regarding the body. On the level of the chakras, this is represented by the root chakra. When your root chakra works optimally, you have a good relationship with matter, and therefore with your body, too.

But how you look and whether or not you feel radiant doesn’t only depend on your relationship with your body. It’s also dependent on whether or not you are on good terms with your whole being: whether you love and appreciate who you are and find yourself valuable.

That’s why, after having given you some tips relating to the body, we’ll now continue with other aspects and other chakras….but first things first.🙂

Karma Killer Yoga and some further Anamé Program tips to cultivate a better relationship with your body

  • When we want change, we need a goal first. The clearer you are about what you want to achieve, the easier it’ll be to keep your focus and to persevere. This is why, as a first step, I recommend that you choose a mantra. Your mantra is something like a clear and short affirmation. When you create your mantra, there are several rules that should be followed in order to get the most out of it. Let’s see what they are:

☀️It should be formed in the present tense. Just for the sake of comparison, try to form one in future tense. It doesn’t seem to have too much power, does it? The present tense ensures that the mantra represents a creative power rather than a wish or a nice possibility in the future. It helps you change in ways so that you become the person who has that ability to or has already reached that certain goal rather than focusing on the lack of something. So instead of I’ll be healed, go with I am healthy.

☀️Make it short. Don’t overcomplicate (Actually, name anything for what this is NOT a good tip😂). When your mantra is too long, you lose the essence of it. It becomes less powerful and less intentional. Make sure that you use only the truly necessary words, which is a good exercise for focus and intentionality in itself. In case you work with some really specific issue, the mantra could be tailored to that of course. I remember one case, for example, when a practitioner was afraid of traveling and to overcome her fear she chose a mantra about safety. So she tailored it to her current situation, and it went something like I am safe on land, water, and in the sky. Be creative, but remain specific and goal oriented.

☀️Concentrate on yourself. The will and the intention of others is sacred, as Anamé always emphasizes. Therefore, if you feel, for instance, that you’re not appreciated in your relationship, then choose I am confident or I am valuable, or to be more specific, go with something like I am respected in my relationship instead of My boyfriend respects me. I love myself or I love my body are good examples, too.

☀️And finally, here goes a king/queen mantra tip for you, if you want to get the most out of this topic: I am radiantly happy.😊

  • The Body exercise [Link at the end of the post] is one of the 6 free exercises of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program. And if you begin to think along the lines of free equals junk or inefficient, let me tell you that I, as a Karma Killer Yoga instructor, have been practicing them every day for more than five years.
  • 21 day home challenge by Anamé Program (description coming soon) Your home is like your extended body. Ideally, it is a place of restoration and calmness where you spend your time with joy. But what can you do, if this is not the case? Change! The 21 day home challenge by Anamé Program is designed to turn your home into a safe place where you like to retreat at the end of your day. This challenge can be a great help with something else, too: if you want to see some change in your life. While you change and reorganize your living space, things will change and reorganize inside you, too. You may find a new zest and new perspectives in the way you look at your life and connect with yourself.
  • 21 day diet challenge by Anamé Program (description coming soon) For many people, diet and food are strongly connected to their relationship with their body and themselves, and in many cases, they’re burdened with guilt and other negative feelings. If you’re one of those people or would simply like to build a better relationship with food and eating and promote a positive, nurturing attitude towards your body, try the tips of this 21 days lifestyle challenge by Anamé. It’s also a great way to just feel more energized or, if you ever experience food coma, to get rid of it. The goal of this challenge, first and foremost, is to help change your attitude towards food for the better. In the process, you can learn how to make more loving food choices so that what you eat is enjoyable to consume AND nurturing to your body at the same time. According to one of the slogans of Anamé Lifestyle, the closer your food is to its original state, the better. Our bodies’ ability to regenerate can be best supported by not burdening it with food that’s hard to digest. The closer the food is to its ordinal state and the simpler it is, the less energy it takes to digest. Our body is an amazing tool, and we can make a considerably contribution to its ideal way of working with the help of our diet and eating habits. Have a fresh look at the food that you consume and transform everything you’d thought about eating and nutrition.
  •  If you have a difficult relationship either with accepting your body or with food and eating in general, I recommend a free, 15 minute online consultation. For that, please leave a comment here or send an email to, where we can help you with booking one. There may be various reasons behind this issue, and many of them date back to (early) childhood, when your relationship with food, eating, and/or your appearance were traumatized. I, too, have some food related bad memories from my childhood: I remember having a plate with an elephant at its bottom and how I had to always keep eating until I could see it. I remember how I hated to eat when I wasn’t hungry and didn’t feel like having that food, trying to smash it around the plate desperately so that I could finally see the elephant and get released from the table. With Karma Killer Yoga, you can achieve more than just managing your negative feelings: by getting to the root of the problem you can restore the positive attitude and the joy of eating that you’ve lost. In addition to that, it can also help you make more conscious food choices. But how?

I know you’ve probably heard that you should eat healthy many times before. And while this is undoubtedly a good advice, you may feel stuck right at the beginning with the concept of healthy food. What is healthy nutrition? What food, which diet? Paleo? Keto? Macrobiotic? Low carb? Atkins? Mediterranean? Meat or no meat? Plant based? Ultra low fat? Raw? And endless more to choose from. Each of them can show you studies and/or experiences justifying their benefits, only to make you feel even more lost in the more often than not, contradictory pool of information.

As for me, my relationship with my body has changed a lot during the years of practicing Karma Killer Yoga. I’ve tried different types of diets, experimenting with them, checking how I felt in my body as a result. I’ve noticed that with time, it’s gradually got easier to decode the signs of my body and I could count on my intuition more and more. The exercises of Karma Killer Yoga have a cleansing effect not only on the level of fate, but also emotionally and, of course, on the physical level as well. And the less your body is loaded with unnecessary materials and toxins, the more it’ll be able to judge what’s good for it and what is not.

Everything has a frequency. People, food, relationships, even a TV program. It’s a general law that your choices for basically anything will fall into the same frequency band as yours and whatever falls outside of it won’t be attractive to you. What’s in the lower part of your band is what you will mostly choose when you don’t feel at your best. You go for what’s at the top when you feel happy, energetic, or trustful. And what’s somewhat above your energy band will probably be alluring. A bigger difference either upwards or downwards is almost always repulsive. The exercises of Karma Killer Yoga have their effects in different ways. One of them is raising your energy level, which will basically have a positive effect on all aspects of your life through the choices you make. From activities to people you spend your time with, services you use, where you go shopping or for a coffee, to the thoughts in your head and the words you say, and even the cosmetics you use and naturally, the food you eat. This way, the changes you’d like to invite into your life will be supported on an energetic level, making them easier and smoother. Otherwise, depending on the degree of your motivation, it may be difficult to take a change all the way through without feeling self abused.

As for food, what we feel like eating is greatly dependent on our physical, emotional, and mental state. Before I became a Karma Killer Yoga instructor, I used to think that it’s merely dependent on taste, and tastes differ, that’s why we like to eat different types of food. But I never really pondered where taste comes from and what factors may determine or modify it. In an ideal case, the body would make you want food full of nutrients, fibers and everything else that’s needed for its healthy functioning. Why is it, then, that you tend to crave stuff with refined sugar, let’s say, or many other things that do everything except for promoting the healthy functioning of your body?

One aspect is the condition of the gut flora, which may not be the first thing that comes to mind. On the page of, I’ve found an interesting article titled How Gut Bacteria Tell Their Hosts What to Eat by suppressing or increasing cravings; microbes help the brain decide what foods the body “needs”. Here are some fragments from it to give you a clue:

Scientists have known for decades that what we eat can change the balance of microbes in our digestive tracts. Choosing between a BLT sandwich or a yogurt parfait for lunch can increase the populations of some types of bacteria and diminish others—and as their relative numbers change, they secrete different substances, activate different genes and absorb different nutrients.

And those food choices are probably a two-way street. Gut microbes have also been shown to influence diet and behavior as well as anxiety, depression, hypertension and a variety of other conditions.


Strong evidence from the study indicates that microbially derived metabolites carry information from the gut to the brain, telling the host whether it needs a particular kind of food.


Microbes may have their own evolutionary reasons for communicating with the brain, […]

The data are limited to animal models so far, but Ribeiro believes that gut-brain communication can provide fertile ground for developing treatments for humans in the future. “It’s an interesting therapeutic window that could be utilized to improve behaviors related to diet one day,” he says.

The below article from the page of refers to a human based research, where it states that

Microbes can manipulate host behavior

There is circumstantial evidence for a connection between cravings and the composition of gut microbiota. Individuals who are “chocolate desiring” have different microbial metabolites in their urine than “chocolate indifferent” individuals, despite eating identical diets. There is also evidence for effects of microbes on mood. A double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial found that mood was significantly improved by drinking probiotic Lactobacillus casei in participants whose mood was initially in the lowest tertile.

It seems that what I’ve learnt during the many years of experimenting with food and diet has (or will have in the near future😉) a strong scientific basis: on the one hand, I’ve noticed that what I ate had a considerable effect on how I felt physically, emotionally, and mentally. But it worked the other way round as well: when I had negative feelings and thoughts, I began to crave more unhealthy foods, like sweets, coffee, and baked goods, but they never actually made me feel better.

Back to the point I’ve mentioned above, the exercises of Karma Killer Yoga are designed to raise your energy level. And as a consequence of a higher frequency, with more positive thoughts and feelings, it’s easier and more natural to make healthy choices which truly nourish your body.

Besides the body

Although your relationship with your body, how you see it, how you feel in it, and how you take care of it is an important component of becoming your best, radiant self, it is not the only factor by far. 

This is why I’m moving on now to other aspects of self love, which are more about the acceptance of your character and your feelings than about your physical appearance. I’ve checked the page of Psychology Today about the topic, and brought you an article from there which I found the most useful, and would like to show what more Karma Killer Yoga and Anamé Program can add to it, or what other perspectives it can offer.

Over the years, I have beaten myself up over business breakdowns, lost relationships, and countless other failures. I would only look at what I had done wrong and where I was at fault. And, of course, this would only make me feel worse.

People would tell me, “Rob, you need to love yourself.” Wow, that sounded great, but the problem was I didn’t know what that meant. I knew that they didn’t mean that I should be self-absorbed or narcissistic. I also knew it didn’t mean soothing myself with several shots of whiskey.

I understood how to love others—at least the feeling that made me want to give attention, caring, respect to someone—but feeling that for myself? I was completely confused on where to even begin.

It took me years to learn, but I finally did; and I would like to share with you what I found. Here are 13 ways you can start loving yourself:

Before we dwell into Rob’s tips, let’s just stop at this intro for a while. To me, four major tendencies pop out of this approach of the author. I thank him for showing them quite clearly, and want to share them with you in my next blog post, followed by the actual tips grouped and discussed based on the different chakras.

The above mentioned Body exercise:

Or an alternative, in case of high blood pressure, panic or reflux:

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