10 tips for a good morning routine and why you should include the free exercises of Aname Program in it

I thought I’d begin by sharing some of the illusions I used to have regarding a good morning routine.

1. There’s a perfect morning routine. WRONG. If you’re obsessed with perfection like me; this one’s probably going to be familiar. And this was not limited to daily routines in my case: for many years, I blocked myself from starting something new because I felt that I wouldn’t be able to do it perfectly. I wouldn’t go to the gym until I had all the right accessories (and I don’t just mean the essentials, but matching trainers, leggings and a top. And a towel. And a water bottle😁).

2. A good morning routine is for a lifetime. WRONG. Once you have a good one, you’ll always be content with it. The first time I had a great morning routine, I was so very happy with it. It gave me a fresh start of the day, I felt good and energetic. It was true love. But after a while, the shine of my wonderful new routine began to fade away and It wouldn’t inspire me the way it used to anymore. This is similar to the previous point, when the lack of flexibility keeps you from taking the next step.

3. It only works if you stick to it every single day. WRONG. Whenever I had days when I dropped my morning routine, or just elements of it, I had the feeling that I messed the whole thing up. And I gave up, telling myself that it didn’t make sense to continue if it’s not perfect. Never be that strict to yourself. A good routine should support you and not become your prison cell.

So what is my morning routine like at the moment?

I like getting up early. This usually means 5 am. If I happen to stay up late the previous evening, then it’s sometime between 5 and 6:30. Before I get out of bed, I say my morning confirmation out loud, addressed to Jesus Christ. This helps me become centered and gives purpose to my day. With the confirmation, I also remind myself that I’m an ambassador of his and that I’m not alone, whatever hardships I may encounter. Doing this as the very first thing in my day helps me stay focused: focused on my purpose in general, but even more so for the day. It prepares me for the challenges of the day, because when they come, sometimes it’s easy to forget why you’re doing the whole thing, and you may lose the point and get swallowed by the difficulties. This morning confirmation and the time with Jesus help me become more alert and conscious, as well as trustful that I’ll receive all the help I may need, and that through him and by keeping my focus on him, I’ll have the strength and clarity to face any hard situation that may arise.

After getting up, I prepare the celery for my daily celery juice and do my oil pulling, followed by some stretching and dancing. Then comes my daily practice of Karma Killer Yoga – links to the free exercises are below, at the end of the post. (On many mornings, I actually prioritize my Aname exercises to make sure I have enough time for them, and do them as soon as I get out of bed. My days don’t run as smoothly and energetically when I skip or shorten them). When I’m done with practice, I do a dry brushing before my cold shower, after which I spread some cold pressed coconut oil on my skin and do a very basic facial routine of toning and moisturizing. Before work, if I still have some time, I celebrate with a breakfast.

What would I like my morning routine to be?

I’m more or less happy with my current one, but would like to include some workout, or maybe alternate it with the stretching. I’d also like to find some time to do some planning of tasks for the day.

Also, Anamé Program includes 21 day Anamé lifestyle challenges, and as an instructor, I like to build them into my routines from time to time. These challenges are totally free, helping you introduce higher energy level habits into your routines, promoting a lifestyle which helps you reach and maintain a more elevated, high vibe state of existence. Just as I’m writing this post, I’m about to begin to do the Anamé lifestyle challenge for the body, which is about loving and accepting your body, and about which I’m planning to write more my next post.😊

Create a daily routine that suits you, and let the free exercises of Aname Program help you through the process! Here’s how:

  1. Find a goal. How do you want to feel? More organized? More energetic? Or more relaxed? Find the activities that can serve your goal. Try working out to get a boost of energy, or meditation to calm your mind before you get started with the tasks of your day.
  2. Make sure that it’s realistic. Don’t fall into the mistake of wanting too much at the same time. Be loving to yourself. When you create a morning routine, it might be alluring to try to stuff as many things in it as possible. That’s just natural, you should be enthusiastic about your routine, but don’t be hard on yourself. Remember, a good morning routine is supposed to serve you, not frustrate you.
  3. Decide what elements you’d like to include. If you’re a beginner, don’t try to go for more than three. Set your priorities and go easy. Later, if it feels alright, you can always add more elements.
  4. Now you know what you want, have the elements of your new routine, and have sorted out the excess or the least important things. Before you put your new routine together, there are some general guidelines to help you get the best results.

⚡️Remember that the very first thing you do when you wake up / get up in the morning will have an effect on your whole day.

⚡️Tailor the sequence to yourself. Do you wake up easily and refreshed? Maybe try some meditation or journaling. Are you a snooze hitter champion and want to quit this habit? Try placing your phone further away from your bed, so that you actually have to get out of bed to stop the alarm. Are you a snooze hitter champion and you’re OK with it? Just make sure you set the alarm early enough to have as many snooze rounds as you need. If you get up tired, try doing some exercise or have a cold shower to kick start yourself.

⚡️As said previously, don’t try to introduce too many new elements into your routine. Keep it inspiring, rather than frustrating. YOU should be at the center of your morning routine. Your goals, pace, and preferences.

⚡️Don’t let yourself feel like you have to do anything just because you heard your favorite actress talk about it or saw an influencer do it.

5. Now you’re ready to create your beautiful new routine and try it out. Stay curious and playful, notice how you feel.

6. Once you’re a few days into it, observe how it’s working, and give some feedback to yourself. How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel inspired? Does it help you reach your goals? Is it supportive enough for the life that you live / want to live?

7. If you’re not 100% content, feel free to adjust your routine until you’re happy with it.

8. Stick with it, but again, don’t be too hard on yourself. There may come an overwhelming situation, a journey, or an illness, and you may not be able to keep your routine. Life happens and that’s perfectly fine. Just go with the flow, and return to your routine when it’s possible / you feel up to it.

9. Change it if you need to. Any time! Your life, your goals, or your circumstances may change. Check if your current routine still supports your goals and empowers you. You may learn about new habits you feel like trying out. If you feel the need to change, go for it!

10. Enjoy! And try experimenting with a daily/weekly routine.

You’ve probably noticed that the above steps all require a great deal of empathy and self love, otherwise they can easily turn into stress factors and become contra productive. And this is where the free Karma Killer Yoga exercises by Aname Program can help enormously. By raising your energy level, you naturally become more positive, loving, and supportive. Believe me, it’s a support beyond measure on the days when you’re fighting against your own resistance, judgements, or inertia.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips! See you in the next post, where I’ll be back with the 21 day Anamé lifestyle body challenge.

The free basic Karma Killer Yoga exercises I’ve mentioned above can be find at:

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