Welcome, my friend. Let me ask you something. 

Have you ever looked at your life and thought: well, that can’t be it? I mean really, it just can’t be it.

If you’re familiar with this feeling, then you’ve probably got some years or months (days?, minutes??) of searching behind you. If you’ve found what you were looking for, this blog may not say much to you, but if you’re still in the process, it for sure worth stopping by and look around.

A brief introduction

For me, it was during my university years when the realisation hit me that I didn’t want a life I saw around me people live. It’s not that I saw terrible circumstances or extreme suffering. I actually grew up in what you could say were normal circumstances. Still, I saw people tiring into everyday problems, falling victim to circumstances, losing their colors, losing their liveliness.

I couldn’t see myself in it. The good job, the handsome husband and cute kids in the family car, the weekend shopping. I felt that if this it until I start looking forward playing with my grandchildren for a couple of years before I die, I’d rather don’t begin the whole thing at all. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with good jobs, handsome husbands (of course not!), cute kids, family cars or shopping.

It’s just that it feels to be such a waste of energy. As if we forgot the real cause and reason, like going to the restaurant to have a nice evening together but once we’re there all we care about is the weird couple at the next table and the funny accent of the waiter. But I had this strong feeling that there’s something more to it. Behind the curtains, the real show is going on, waiting for us to leave the stage for it.

I began my search, though rather unconsciously. Still, it was during those years that I met my spiritual teacher and started practicing what was later to become Karma Killer Yoga. I knew I found something important and I didn’t let it go. First I just liked the way I felt after the classes, but slowly and gradually it helped me connect to what urged me to look for something more, something higher.

More than twenty years, seven years of which being an instructor, thousands of classes/courses and private sessions later, I know now that the strong feeling was right. There’s much more to life behind the scenes. I’m incredibly grateful for finding it, and now it’s time for me to help even more people to find it, too.

So if you’re someone who genuinely feels in their very core that this life we live right now is an incredibly valuable opportunity and that we have a purpose, a spot in this beautiful setting that’s waiting only for us to occupy, then you’re at the right place. 

The posts are going to cover some basics about karma and karma cleansing and how Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program works to explain the background. They’ll also provide some practical advice, incorporating the free exercises of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program.

How and when can I help you?

If you feel confined or narrowed and looking for a real solution to live your full potential, radiant, happy and content, then I can definitely be of help. 

If your definition of success is that you’re at the right place in your life, aligned with your true self.

If you have a hard time solving a problem in your life (family, relationship, money, work), and you feel that instead of trying to manage them you feel ready to dig deep and pull the weeds out for good.

If you’re ready to leave behind the confining fears and self-judgements and self-doubt and the narrowing stories of the mind, the conceptions and explanations and all the accompanying, recurring emotions.

If you’re ready to take the leap from trying to make your current life more pleasant to live that something much more you feel must exist.

And if you’ve had enough reading books or following lifestyle gurus or trying out techniques that may make you feel better in your skin but haven’t brought the change you were looking for. To feel alive and connected every second of your life.

Sure that requires bravery and strength and endurance and an unwavering love of truth. 

But the good news is that if you’re really ready to take that leap and really crave that change, you’ll get it all.

Why? Because you’re loved and once you set yourself on deliberately walking the path of evolving and inner growth, you’ll receive all the support in the world. 

In the form of a blog, for example.

Feel free to contact me via email at andrea@anameprogram.com or on my Instagram at andrea_anameprogram.

Let’s build something together!