About Anamé circles by Anamé Program – part 2

In the previous post you could get acquainted with the general idea of Anamé circles and were introduced to two Anamé circle organizers.

In this blogpost I thought I’d give you an overview of the course of the circles, which was outlined in the previous post, a couple of more interviews with personal experience of Anamé circle members and also a guide as to how you can organize a circle yourself, wherever you live.

The agenda of Anamé circles – why we do what we do?

Self-observation with the two hands in front of the heart, palms together. It is a perfect way to direct your focus inside from your surroundings. The posture gives you a composure and the feeling of collectedness and helps you arrive in the present moment. It’s also a fine way to greet the other members and assert that what is about to happen is significant and deserves all your attention.

Opening the Anamé circle with the organizer or a volunteer saying out loud This meeting is about love and unity. We work to lift up ourselves and to remember to choose love all the time, despite all the difficulties of the outside world.

Uttered words have power. These two sentences declare the goal of the Anamé circle clearly, and help to express your intentions both on an individual level and also on that of the group.

  1. Introductions, whenever necessary, support the unity of the group and of people getting to know each other a little bit. They can learn about one another’s motivation and help to reduce the potential anxiety.
  2. Saying the affirmations I love myself with all my heart and I love you with all my heart. I forgive myself for everything and I forgive you for everything. I am blessed and you are blessed. I uplift my heart to God and bring back the light I find there to our world together multiplies the effect of the individual intentions. It’s also a clear statement of what kind of values you choose and what kind of world you want to create. To me, these affirmations are helpful also in my day to day life, whenever I have hard feelings for someone. I like to repeat them several times and already feel the hard feelings dissolve. Feel free to try them;)
  3. The exercises you do here are basically the free exercises of Anamé Program. Here I’d like to give you a short insight into what they are good for with links on which you can try them. Again, these exercises I like to do every day even if I don’t have time for further practice. They help me keep my energy level high and thanks to them it’s easier to be more productive with a higher spirit.

But first, a bit of a background as to how and why they were made accessible for everybody to practice.

Anamé Valéria Balázs, the founder of Anamé Program and Karma Killer Yoga had been using various, highly effective exercises both in groups and on private sessions for many years before she decided to make some of them available for free usage. That was because she knew that there were people in need for whom the only option to get in touch with the energy that she’s working with was through these free exercises. But with time they became useful for others as well, who wanted to try the method to see if it works before investing in any class or course. To this day, we keep receiving many positive feedback on the results of practicing them.

So let’s have a look at them, one by one.

The body exercise

This exercise, as you probably guessed right, is mainly about the body and the physical level. It activates your strength and reinforces the power of your intention. If you set a goal for yourself, the body exercise by Anamé Program will help you achieve it by promoting collectedness and steadfastness of purpose and also by invigorating your power center. And because of that, you use you own mantra with this exercise.


The soul exercise

Compared to the relatively closed end posture of the body exercise, the soul exercise by Anamé Program is open sideways and upward at the level of the heart and upward. Here you’re not alone with your endeavors and ready to connect to others and to the celestial world. Its mantra is I love and accept myself and everyone else. We are one.


The spirit exercise

It symbolizes the constant endeavor for evolving. To not sit still until you reach your highest self, your highest potential. To know that you are more than just your physical body and to live accordingly, looking at everything from a higher point of view. Its mantra is I gratefully accept the light and blessing shining upon me.


The unity exercise

Although the end position is the same here as for the spirit exercise, the breathing is different and so is the message. It works with your intention to uplift our world by means of your very self, by your true values. Its mantra is I uplift the Earth, the whole world shines.


The stress relieving exercise

Well, this one pretty much speaks for itself. The previous four exercises may bring tension to the surface in case there are any blockages in the free flow of energy connected to any of the above themes.


6. Giving feedback and listen to other’s about the progress you have experienced since the last Anamé Circle session and/or situations in your life where you have been able to choose love, development and unity. 

In many cases it helps to notice the changes you’re going through if you form them and say them out loud. It’s also inspiring and reinforcing to hear one another’s stories.

7. The meditation exercise helps you connect deeply to the vastness of existence, helping you see the truth behind the many facades of the visible world and to you stabilize yourself in it.


8. By repeating the affirmations of the Anamé circles you reinforce your values and engrave them on a deeper level.

9. When you bring your hands to your heart again, just like at the beginning of your session you close it with gratitude and and reassert its values.

10. When you say goodbye to one another you express your love and gratitude and appreciation to others, and also that you’re happy to have been able to spend your time with them in the spirit of love and unity.

Some more experience from Anamé circle members and organizers

Enjoy reading the replies of these beautiful souls!


1. For how long have you been a member of your Anamé circle?

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

3. What was your motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle?

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1. I am a member of my Anamé circle from April 2019.

2. I got in contact with Anamé Program by my grandmother. One day, when I went to visit her, she was waiting for me with her laptop with a paused youtube video on the screen with Anamé and she said: “Come, sit down and listen to her, she is talking about things you used to!”

Long story short, my grandma is an angel! 😀 o:)

I was for at least one year in a searching phase – desiring and praying for somebody, who knows exactly the connection between the soul and body to be able to work on it by his/her teachings. And wishing this person existed here – at least in Europe, not just in Tibet! 😀 Somehow my feelings whispered it will be Hungary, but you know… it seemed soo very unrealistic! 😀 

And then my grandmother came with this video in the moment, when I felt really desperately, almost losing my faith, and I could hardly believe, that it is real – she is real! 😀

3. My motivation was to establish a group to be in contact with this energy as much as I can and to make it possible to people around me, to my family as well.

4. I experience what means on the level of feelings to connect through the group where the focus of intention is love.

Through the common exercising and sharing there are a lot of walls, varieties of feelings, explosions and what I experience and I feel more deeper and deeper what means “I become less so I become more”.

Thank you!

Love you so much! ❤


1. For how long have you been a member of your Anamé circle?

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

3. What was your motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle?

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1. I have started to organise Anamé circles as soon as Anamé announced this new form of exercising together. We started out with 3 members including me and unfortunately we were never able to practice it being physically together because of the huge driving distance that is between us. But as the world’s situation changed this online practicing became the new normal. I have to say that practicing online together never felt like a barrier. It was rather a blessing that we could connect even though the great distance. So as I said we started out 3 and our group grew to 6 members who practice regularly together every week. Some of us are practicing in other groups as well.

 2. I have been practicing with Anamé Program for 3 yrs and a half now but before I was a member of another spiritual school for more than 20 years. During those spiritual school years I thought that I was advancing on my spiritual path and life and I thought as I was above everyday’s problems and nothing could touch me or get me out of balance just because I KNEW about the path. So the contrast was huge when I discovered Anamé Program because Anamé’s path is mainly about being active and actively doing something for your advancement. It’s not about meditating on highly symbolic spiritual texts but about consciously breathing air in simple body postures while following the air’s path in the body. It is practical and extremely effective compared to any other teachings where you only have to meditate on some concepts.

3. My motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle was definitely to be able to practice in a group of people for a common goal that is to elevate ourselves and through our growing light, elevate the World. During these 3 years of practicing with Anamé I saw a tremendous change in my life. I have seen difficulties appear for a short period just to give way to something much better than before. For me it is proof that if I can have an effect on my world then we definitely can have an effect on a much bigger scale as well. For me this is a good motivation to keep going on this path. Also the fact that our group is growing and other people joining us with the same motivation is a great feeling and for me it is a sign that we are going in the right direction.

4. For me Anamé circles are about the connection with others and practicing for the same goals. It helps to open my heart to others and allows me to lower those mental barriers that I have built up in me because of painful interactions of the past where I felt hurt. It also gives stability in my day to day life to not get swallowed up in automatic reactions, but to be able to choose love instead of anger. For me these are fundamental and extraordinary changes because I remember how I was before and how I reacted in every days’ situations. So I am very grateful for the possibility that Anamé circles exist.


  1. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

2. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1. I am a spiritual being who is trying to experience life as it unfolds with all the grace, sorrows and unknown. I learned about Anamé Program from a beautiful friend and I did not hesitate for a second to join a group.

2. Anamé circle is a beautiful place where I feel safe and accepted. The energy that is generated during the session uplifts me and makes me a better person. I feel lighter and more connected to my soul. I noticed that I am much calmer, grounded and have more of the creative structure in my life so that I can easily move through the day being more aware. I found Anamé circles the real blessing that happened exactly when I needed a miracle.


1. For how long have you been a member of your Anamé circle?

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

3. What was your motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle?

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1.Well, currently I am not a member of a circle. I organized one last September and ran it until this June. At that time I was experiencing very intense cleansing reactions and both practicing in and running a circle became overwhelming. Thus I decided to stop and I have not joined a circle ever since.

2.I’ve had a chronic pain issue for about 12 years. Once it became clear to me that the medical road was a dead-end street I started trying alternative methods. Homeopathy combined with psychotherapy was very effective for me but after about 5 years I felt that my progress in healing reached a plateau. At around this time I came across a radio interview with Aname on Facebook and I knew right away that I had to try her program. This was on a Friday before a long weekend and I was at the Aname center the following Tuesday (May 26, 2015), and I’ve been practicing ever since. The reason this method captured and has held my attention is that it is the most holistic one I have ever come across (and I have tried quite a few). Also, it is the most thorough one as it gets to the very root of every and any kind of issue in one’s life, be it physical/health, mental or spiritual. And now I know that it is about much more than that 🙂

3. At first I felt some resistance about the circles. There were too many rules for my free spirit and I am not very fond of having my picture taken, let alone posting it publicly. But deep down I knew that this was a great cause and I felt that I had to be part of it, so I decided to organize a circle myself.

4. Hosting the circles in my home was a great experience. I enjoyed the preparation: tidying up, letting some fresh air in, lighting a few tealights, and just sitting still till everyone arrived. Practice was very different from practicing on my own. I was not able to focus solely on myself, instead I was paying attention to everyone. This was not a conscious choice, it just happened. In a way it felt like making sure everyone was all right. Also, I needed to know/feel when to move on to the next exercise. Sharing our week’s experience was sometimes very brief but at other times it turned into longer and very intimate conversations. 

Practicing in a circle for me was more about doing something great together and bonding at a very deep level rather than my own personal growth. Yet, it contributed to the latter, too. Being a very private person, I had to make an effort to open up my home to people who had never been here before and whom I may not even have met before. I also had to be(come) comfortable with the idea that new members may/will join at any time. Managing the group (mostly the logistics) had its challenges at times, too. My intention was always to do it with love, accommodating everyone’s needs as much as possible. I also had to learn to find a balance between feeling responsible for the circle and my own personal needs, and trust that the circle will take place even if I’m not able to attend (and thus to be the host).

Being a member/organizer/host of a circle was a wonderful and memorable experience and I do miss it but somehow I feel that at this point in my life I have to walk a somewhat lonelier path.


1. For how long have you been a member of your Anamé circle?

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

3. What was your motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle?

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1.I’ve attended three different Anamé circles in the past year and a half.

2. I’m an open minded engineer with an experimenter attitude towards life. I’m in my late thirties. Father of two little boys. Partner of a child-loving lady committed to self-development. 

I’ve heard about Anamé Program from a family friend. I had so serious back pain that I could only work in a standing position at that time. Since I usually work 5 to 8 hours a day in front of a computer, it wasn’t that easy. I tried to solve my problem with the help of a chiropractor and also with a reiki healer. Those methods worked for me for only a limited time period and my overall status was getting worse. I’ve read about Anamé’s incredible healing and decided to give it a chance. I started to practice the free exercises for 40 minutes every morning (the 21 day challenge). After 10 days my back pain was gone.

Three years have passed since then and I got much more from Anamé Program than a healthy back. Despite the fact that my general health is much better, my mental health has also improved. I can do my work more efficiently. My overall mood is happier than ever and I feel that it is just the beginning of this journey.

This is the first method that I could build into my daily routine for a long time. I like to connect with myself through these exercises and usually I can’t wait to practice. It has become the best pastime of my me-time.

3. I didn’t want to be left out. 🙂 I wanted to connect with like minded people who walk the same path as I have. It was so natural like joining with your tribe.

4. I always got warm and friendly greetings when attending an Anamé circle. The feedback circle is held after the exercises and since the exercises can strongly improve your mood it is like connecting with the best version of others.

In the spring during quarantine I attended an Anamé circle every day. I was in a very bad mood but the circles helped me a lot to maintain my emotional stability and a hopeful state of mind.

Lately, the focus has been on my individual exercises, but sometimes I’m happy to join others too.


1. For how long have you been a member of your Anamé circle?

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

3. What was your motivation to become a member of an Anamé circle?

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any changes?

1. In February of 2020, I organised an Anamé Circle myself in Galway, Ireland, however following the spring lockdowns, our small group fell apart. I decided then to put this project away for another time, and instead redirect my focus toward my personal growth, in part so that I could apply the results as an organiser of an Aname Circle in the future. The first time I was invited to the Warsaw Anamé circle was in August 2020, though I didn’t immediately hop on the opportunity. Flash forward to a few weeks ago, and I’ve found myself in this amazing group! I do not regret it one bit.

2. I came across Anamé Program through Facebook in august of 2016. I had seen a video wherein a woman told the story of how Anamé Program benefited her husband’s recovery following stroke. Anamé’s book, Karma Killer, had a great influence on me, changing my outlook on the world to its core. Back then, I was in a pretty dark place in my life, I wasn’t feeling well physically nor mentally. Because I live abroad and didn’t have the opportunity to attend Aname Program’s Studio in Budapest, I began practising by doing the basic exercises, which can be found on YouTube, each day.

My energy level noticeably increased, and I somehow began seeing the world through different colours. Soon after, I tried out the personalised 1 on 1 Skype sessions, which brought about even more results. Not only a number of my chronic physical symptoms, but also many inner conflicts, began to calm. I experienced the growth of my inner strength, stability and mental clarity.

For many changes in my life, I have Anamé Program to give thanks to. It has given me a type of practical knowledge about the way in which I work that I want to continue growing, and that I could never have learnt from just books. Therefore, I am extremely grateful for the program!

3. For one, I was driven by curiosity. I wanted to gain even more experience relating to practice and get an outlook into the ways in which an Anamé Circle works. On the other hand, the fact I can do something for the world fills me with great warmth. This is why I will soon re-organise our Irish Anamé Circle, however I would like to also remain a member of the team in Warsaw. Another motivation for me was the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who want to better themselves, who may otherwise differ massively, but are regardless all searching for physical and mental balance, and the kind of positivity that Anamé Program has given to the world.

4. I am quite introverted and don’t find it easy opening up to new people. Participating in an Anamé Circle has been helping gradually shift this, and I have noticed that the higher my energy level is, the more inclined I am to be open to the world, and that practice aides me to be increasingly flexible in the face of life’s challenges. Practicing in a group has therefore been a huge change for me, as I spent a very long time doing breathing exercises alone. At the end of each get together, we all experience the blessing benefits that result from the binding of our energies. I have found myself in a supportive community where it does not matter who I am, we simply get together for a session and breathe in sync, bringing about shared emotions, thoughts and goals which are strengthened by mantras both for ourselves and the world. The organised times for each group session gives routine to practice.

When you are alone, it is so much easier to fall into postponing behaviour, whereas in a group, there is always a pulling factor that brings you back. This is one of the reasons I was very glad, when during the early days of the pandemic, Anamé Program made their group classes also available online. In today’s world, an alienation between people can be observed, therefore any community, no matter the size, can be a huge benefit to our lives. This is what Anamé Circles are about: they strengthen unity!

Now I really feel like organizing an Anamé circle myself. What do I do?

First, visit the Anamé circle UK group on Facebook where you’ll find important information. For any further information or support please contact Anamé Program at info@anameprogram.com.

I hope to see you as a host soon! And meet me in my next post where I’ll share some of my own experiences.

Anamé circles: the movement of love and unity by Anamé Program

More than a year ago the movement of love and unity was called into being by Anamé Program, which we called Anamé circles. 

The idea was to establish a movement where people meet regularly (online or offline, usually once a week) to assert their commitment to love and unity and raising the frequency of our world by reinforcing these qualities in themselves and among one another.

As the last blogpost was about the changes we’d like to see in our lives, I thought that in this one I’d give you something that is completely free and still a powerful tool, if you feel like actively taking part in elevating yourself, the people you’re in connection with, and our world.

I have enough problems myself. What’s in it for me to work for the world?

When we are in the process of searching for happiness, sooner or later we’ll get to a point where we realize that we can be truly happy only if we live in a happy society. 

Shutting the world out and trying to create a bubble for happiness only for ourselves will never really work. There’ll always be situations where we bump into the outer world, and there’s no way to barricade ourselves from the suffering of others. And by working for others we always work for ourselves, too. Below you can read a bit more about the spirit of the circles from Anamé’s point of view.

Anamé’s message for the circles

Anamé Program is aiming at the whole world to wake up and encourage everyone to choose love, growth and unity, endeavoring to treat themselves and others and to make decisions accordingly. 

So we ask you to invite everyone into these groups if you see the signs of such an awakening, or if you simply think that this spirit would mean a solution in their difficult situation. 

I’m aware that some of you may have doubts about what you personally can do for our world, and the answer is: a lot! During the sessions of the free Anamé circles you gather (online or offline, based on the circumstances) to reinforce love and unity in yourselves and by doing so, it’ll radiate from your whole being. Anamé circles have the effect of an amplifier, where the intention of similar spirited people gets multiplied and radiates the qualities of love and unity into our world, quite like a power station. 

Anamé circles are definitely for you, in case you strive for choosing love and growth and opening your heart to others in any situation. I remember how excited I was when this initiation began. I saw it as an oasis for many who don’t have the opportunity to connect with Anamé Program any other way. Also, being a sceptic myself I think this is a great way for anyone who’d like to give Karma Killer Yoga a try and see if it works for them. And last but not least, by doing so they contribute to our world getting brighter and more elevated.;)

As human beings we grow as individuals, but also our world has been going through an evolution. This planet of ours is at the level of the solar plexus chakra at the moment, which supports us in becoming assertive and purposeful. On the other hand, we have to face the challenges of this energy, too, which is why human games and conflicts are exceptionally painful in these times. Many people feel that attacks driven by malice and hatred have become stronger in their lives. The answer to the difficulties of the solar plexus is one level higher, at the heart chakra.

There are only two kinds of feelings: fear and love. Every positive feeling comes from love, and every negative feeling comes from fear. Each moment when you decide to choose love, development and unity instead of fear and hatred, you uplift yourself but at the same time, you also help uplift our planet. The positive energy that’s being born in Anamé circles spreads out into the world, promoting light and love.

Because forces have forever existed that strive to make light, love, knowledge and consciousness grow in your world.

There are members of this brotherhood who became manifested in the spiritual world, but there are also many who live in physical bodies – I continued, because everything he said suddenly became clear to me. As if it were very familiar to me from somewhere. As if I had somehow gotten to know it, or rather, as if I had always known it.

Poo-Tar nodded. You are not alone! Throughout the world, in every country, in every walk of life, many are working to grow the light. There are scientists, inventors, artists, healers, financial experts, politicians and teachers amongst you.

You, our kin in physical bodies, have taken the burden of materialism upon yourselves, but with this comes the precious opportunity of being able to act from direct proximity and enact change.

We are in connection with all of you on a higher energy level, helping your work. If you can reach this higher energy level, only then can a higher wisdom manifest through you, and only then can you connect with this spirituality. You, who live in physical bodies, can come to us by reaching this higher energy level.

/Fragment from Karma Killer by Anamé Valéria Balázs/

OK, I feel like trying. What’s the first step?

Well, you may establish an Anamé circle yourself. 

You can be an Anamé circle organizer as well, if you feel like representing the spirit of Anamé Program. You agree to maintain this spirit in the group and make sure that the sessions take place in accordance with the framework set by Anamé.

For further information please contact Anamé Program info@anameprogram.com.

Or, you may join an existing Anamé circle. Let me introduce two organizers here, both of whom are important members of the Anamé community, doing an incredible job.


1. For how long have you been an Anamé circle organiser and where are you located?

I organized my very first Anamé Circle on 13 February 2020, but it could have been considered as sort of a trial. Anamé Circle Warsaw was ‘officially’ established on 16 June 2020. In line with my city of residence, the location is indicated as ‘Warsaw’ however I need to admit that there are members from outside of this town as well. As due to the COVID-19 pandemic we meet up online, the platform provides us with the possibility to join from all over the world 😉

2. Could you say a couple of words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

My friend showed me the basic exercises (available on YouTube – Body, Soul, Spirit and Unity) in April 2017. I was severely suffering from PTSD back then and my only thought was while I was watching her practicing: “Hey, I can do this”. By the time I finished the Body exercise, I sensed that type of freedom what I have never felt before. Little did I know that I would even experience a lot more than that by keep practicing.

3. What was your motivation to take on the role of an Anamé circle organiser?

I would say that was sort of a calling. In the course of one of the meditations of Anamé, the idea – to do more for the world – popped up and although I did not believe that eventually it will be implemented, I gave it a try and asked my colleagues whether they would like to practice with me in a group. Surprisingly one after another they said yes J From that moment on, I felt that this is sacred. Our intention to elevate the world is blessed.

4. What difference does the Anamé circle make to your life? Do you experience any noticeable changes?

Belonging to a community where I feel appreciated and respected all the time is priceless. Sharing those experiences when we chose love despite all the difficulties of the outside world gives me hope and motivation even if I feel blue momentarily. Practicing alone is great but jointly is just simply amazing. It is so tangible. During our practice I feel so grounded, I am in line with my highest self, I tap into the source. Most of the times at the end of our practices, we are speechless, our eyes are full of tears and our hearts are filled with joy but not joy from this world, rather joy from above. Everyone senses it. That’s the reason why we don’t really have many pictures about these events J It is so sacred, better not to interrupt it with earthly ‘issues’.

5. If someone would like to join your Anamé circle, how can they get in touch with you?

They can find me on Facebook as Maja Jedlicska and on Instagram as om_pumpkin_pie

In addition to that there is a Facebook group called ‘Love and Unity – Anamé Circle Warsaw’ where anyone is warmly welcome to join our Anamé Circle.


1. For how long have you been an Anamé circle organiser and where are you located?

I’m located in England, London and I’ve been organising since June 2020.

2. Could you say a couple words about yourself and how you got acquainted with Anamé Program?

All my life I felt something is missing or something is not right. Either in relationships either in jobs etc. Somehow I felt that I was always running the same circles in my life.. same problems came back over and over again. Financial difficulties, smoking, health problems. One day I woke up and I felt exhausted: my health was a disaster, I couldn’t accept myself and I hated my job. Then one of my friends called me and she asked me if I’ve ever heard about Anamé Program. I’ve never heard of it but I thought let’s check it out. The first day I watched all the videos I found, and the next day me and my friend started to practice. That was 1st of April 2017, and since then I’ve been practicing every day. I can say the program changed my life. I stopped smoking, lost weight, and everything changed in how I am looking at the world.

3. What was your motivation to take on the role of an Anamé circle organiser?

From the first day I started to practice I felt connected with this energy that Anamé Program mediates. I felt pure love and unity.  And I would love to show this to other people. We all deserve love and we are one. If I can just reach out to one person  and show how life can be different then I’m happy 😊 

4. What difference do the Anamé circles make to your life and to those in your circle? Do you experience any noticeable changes?

Aname circles helped me to see we are not alone. We are all one and we can do something together for this world and feel the divine love and the energy. Together we can go higher and bring this love and unity to this world. They changed me to accept others, listen more, be stable and to open my heart. 

5. If someone would like to join your Anamé circle, how can they get in touch with you?

They can find me on Facebook at Aname circle Uk. 

How should I picture an Anamé circle session?

The agenda of an Anamé circle is always uniform and very simple.


The two palms are together in front of the heart at the beginning of our lessons. It is important to know that this is not a religious gesture, but a symbol, which means we are one as we lift up our hearts. If you do not want to make this gesture or are uncomfortable with the affirmation text for any reason, just listen inward. It will be perfectly fine!


The organizer or a volunteer says these two sentences: “This meeting is about love and unity. We work to lift up ourselves and to remember to choose love all the time, despite all the difficulties of the outside world.”


For the first time and when there are new participants, you briefly introduce yourselves and discuss who has known or practiced the Anamé Program and for how long.


The two palms are together again in front of the heart and the organizer or a volunteer (any member of the group can speak) says loudly the common affirmations, while the others may speak loudly or just quietly by themselves.






Doing the home exercises (Body, Soul, Spirit, and Unity exercises) for three times. At the end of each exercise, everyone says the mantras, and the exercise ends with a modified stress relief exercise. This can also be done in a stable standing position.


Sharing your development as a result of exercising. Briefly discussing what progress you have experienced since the last Anamé Circle and/or situations in your life where you have been able to choose love, development and unity. When it comes to a difficult life situation, you still need to focus on how to lift yourself and how practice helps. It is important that you do not blame yourself or others for what happened. Every spoken word has power because it is vibration, i.e. frequency, so stay positive! This helps keep the Anamé Circle’s energy levels high.

It is also very important that you acknowledge each other and the efforts of the other, that you have opened your heart instead of closing it in a situation where it would have been easier to choose seclusion and anger. This is a huge thing! Therefore, in the feedback, open your heart to the speaker and acknowledge them. Our recommendation is to say, “We honor you and support you!”, But feel free to say anything that comes from your heart.

The group decides how much time you want to spend on sharing your feedback. Of course, if you don’t want to talk, that’s okay, but we encourage you to share your experiences!


Meditation exercise for 5 minutes, which can also be done while standing stable.


Repetition of the common affirmations that the organizer or a volunteer speaks out loud and the others can speak loudly or only to themselves.


The two palms are closed before the heart, just like at the end of our lessons.


The end of the Anamé circle when you say loving goodbye to each other.

What to keep in mind before the Anamé Circle: If you don’t already have a mantra, use Anamé’s video to formulate one you will be using during the Body exercise. The common mantra for other exercises can be found by the videos of the exercises.

In the next post I’m awaiting you with more details and personal experiences on Anamé circles and how they may help you change your life. See you next week!

What change do you want to see in your life in 2021 and how you can achieve it

If you asked anyone what they want to change in their life, you’d be surprised to hear ‘nothing, I’m good’, right? The scale of the replies may vary from total dissatisfaction to an urge to grow, but you’ll find a driving force.

For some a new habit would represent the desired outcome, while for others it’d come in the form of very concrete goals, like winning a race for instance.

Setting goals is fun. If it’s not, it should be. Why? Because we grow and learn a lot on our way to achieve them. We get the chance to experience our power.

Energetically speaking, from the point of view of the chakras, goal setting belongs to the solar plexus. In this post I intend to dig deeper than giving you advice on how to introduce a new habit, diet or worldview into your life.

The two ways

I want to show you the characteristics of hyperfunction and hypofunction of the solar plexus, so you can decide for yourself which group describes you better, and how it influences your goal setting and achievement. But before we begin, please note that there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ here. Also, what you’ll read here is a simplified description. In reality, hyperfunctioning and hypofunctioning are mixed, depending on the circumstances. 

From the point of view of setting and achieving goals, hypofunction of the solar plexus means that your goals are foggy. You either don’t see them clearly or maybe you do, but your intention is not strong enough. It may pair with fear and doubts about yourself in general, and your abilities and strength or perseverance to reach what you want.

In the case of hyperfunction, on the other hand, you tie yourself so much to your goals that they become a heavy burden. The lack of flexibility or permissive attitude makes your goal encroach all your life, taking over the control.

These two ways have something in common: both are captivity.

What may be holding you back from change?

Real, fundamental change is scary. Because we don’t know how it’ll turn out (not that we know the outcome of seemingly safe choices, but at least we can have the illusion). So we rather go for setting some small goals like trying to get up earlier and be more effective. Which is perfectly OK. 

But it can be easy to forget the real cause. What change do you want to see in your life by getting up earlier to have more done? More money? How exactly is it going to change your life for the better? Spending more time with your loved ones? How exactly it’d change things? Want to have some time for a hobby or something new to learn? What feelings about yourself or your life is it going to bring?

I think it’s important to clarify the ultimate goal whenever you wish to change or introduce something into your life. Otherwise it can be hard to keep yourself motivated, or, if you opt for something that doesn’t support your goal perfectly, you may get disappointed. Like if you feel that you’re always rushing, not having enough time to complete everything you have to, and therefore you aspire to get up an hour earlier, it may help and you’ll feel less stressful. 

But it can also happen that the stress you feel is stemming rather from not being satisfied with your current job for example, and getting up earlier won’t be able to solve that. 

Or you may feel the scarcity of time because your days are not well organized and as a consequence, not efficient enough. You may have to learn to prioritize your tasks and plan your days/weeks in advance.

Another example is when you don’t say to yourself that what you want to change in your life is to live in a happy relationship. Instead you say that you want to go to a dance studio with your partner to learn how to swing. Why? Because the first one will definitely bring significant changes to your life. As for the second, you may have to decide whether you assign Monday or Wednesday evenings for the dancing classes. 

If you go with the first one, you basically have two choices (assuming you already have a relationship and it’s not working as you’d like it to).

You either face it first, start talking about your difficulties with your partner, searching for possible solutions. Then you put in the work every day. Paying attention to him or her, prioritizing the relationship, giving your time and energy. Then it’s going to change. It may get better, or you may realize that you cannot save it. 

Either way, you did everything you could to have a happy relationship – either with your current partner or by giving a chance to meet someone else. And even in the second case your efforts to renew your existing relationship were not in vain. You did learn, you did grow. And it’s always better to try than to walk away from the chance and wonder later what could’ve been if. It’s better to put that 100 percent work in and if and only if it doesn’t help, walk away 100 percent without regrets or wondering.

The other option is that deep down you know already that the relationship is beyond repair. Then again, you need to put in the work to close it the best way possible – for the sake of both of you and just as well as your for future relationship.

So one thing that can keep you away from defining and stating clearly what you want is fear and uncertainty. But there are more.:)

What if it doesn’t happen?

For some setting goals or stating what kind of life they want to live is fearful because before even stepping on the path they are overwhelmed with fear and doubts. Mostly about, or in connection with themselves. Am I capable of doing that? Am I educated/strong/young/talented/experienced/confident enough? Am I worthy of it? Worthy of a good job, feeling content, lo love and be loved back? Worthy of having a good life?

It goes with the feeling that it’s better not to try at all. If I don’t try, I won’t have to face the bitterness and frustration of failure.

The thing is that it doesn’t matter. 

Behind all this goal setting game there’s something much more important. Because let’s face it, we are human beings. We are not omnipotent and in many cases we don’t even know, not really, what would be the best for us. Sometimes we are disappointed or sad about what we get from life instead of what we pictured for ourselves. Only to find out that it’s much better than what we had imagined.

So why play this seemingly unnecessary game along? Because we need the power of our solar plexus chakra. Every goal we set, every change we work for, each time we fail and choose to go on help us, shepherd us toward a stronger version of ourselves. Without the power, the heat and the intention of the solar plexus there’s no growth.

Ok, I get it. What do I do?

Whenever we’re aspiring toward a change, it’s best to start with being grateful. Grateful for whatever that has happened so far, no matter how hard it may have been. The journey we have had so far is precious. What’s happened, no matter how awful or beautiful is a treasure beyond measure.

I want to share an example from my life with you here, to clarify what I mean.

Making acquaintances has never come easy to me. I’ve sort of envied those who could do it naturally, finding the tone with anyone, finding topics effortlessly. 

For me, this whole story began when I was a small child. For some reason my mom wouldn’t let me play with other children. I’m not sure about the real cause of this, but she always found an explanation, no child was good enough for me to play with from her point of view. If nothing else was the matter, she said that they were coughing or had a runny nose and she didn’t want me to catch anything.

Other things added up to this and left me with very poor social skills. As a result, I had lack of confidence in this field. So I rather chose to close myself.

I followed a preventive policy: if I don’t let anyone come close to me in the first place, then they won’t have the chance to reject me. The policy worked, to some extent, but I think you won’t be surprised if I say that it didn’t make me happy.

So what choices do I have as an adult? How should I feel about all this? Well, I could resent my mom for making it so hard for me, and feel that there’s not much I can do about it. Or, I could be in denial as to what had happened and live a life in which my closeness is alright. There wouldn’t be anything extraordinary in it in this world where we live. I could also forgive my mom and accept the situation and try to manage it, making the most out of it. Or? Or, I may be grateful for what happened and for exactly how it happened. 

It helped me to really value heart to heart connections and to understand and find a way with those who close themselves out of fear. 

When you feel grateful, or you’re on your way to, the next important step is to know what you’d like exactly. The more concrete you can form it, the better. It’s good to visualize how you live, how you feel yourself, how you think and what you do, how a day in your life looks like when you already have it. It can be detailed and colorful, a picture as alive as possible.

Find a mantra. A sentence which describes what you want clearly. It should be only about you, in the present tense. So for example neither Jack is in love with me, nor I’ll get a promotion is good. You could use I’m in love or I live in a loving relationship and I get promoted instead. 

You may wonder why it is important to form a mantra like that, and that’s a very good question indeed. In the process of manifesting the desire change it’s you who’ll go under the biggest transformation. In the process you’ll become the person who already has what they’re asking for. So it’s not something that will happen in the future with your good old self. Moreover, repeating it in the present tense is more affirmative. 

It’s also important that you include no one else in your mantra, as the free will of all of us is sacred. 

Practice the body exercise of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program with a repetition of 5, twice a day, using your mantra at the end, when you hold your breath:


I know I always recommend these exercises, but this is the fastest, most effective and thorough method I know. Or, if you want this process to be more personalized and well aimed, then book a one to one session at


And why is daily practice important? The physical level supports the change in a way that your mind cannot: it engraves it deeply, at the level of the gut, the level of the cells. The mind in itself isn’t capable of going so deeply. It can also mislead us with having those aha moments and deep understanding of something, only to leave very little of them behind after some time.

Practice is not like that. It makes the change hardwired in your whole being. And doing it every day ensures that the change is permanent. When you start practicing, your blocks get in motion. They begin to come to the surface in order to leave you forever. But if you stop practicing, these blocks start to precipitate once more, so it’s best to keep them in flow.

The mantra can also sink deeper with the help of regular practice. It’s not useless without it either: it’s much better to keep repeating a positive affirmation to yourself than letting the usual stories, judgments, criticisms and doubts run around endlessly in your head. But when you say it within the energy field of the exercises, it becomes a lot more powerful. Out of dry words they become alive. 

So the same way the exercises are invigorating the body and the mind, they also empower your goals. The body exercise works intensely with the solar plexus, the chakra of strength and intention, and its end position implies the same, giving you the feeling of power and capability.

Stick with your goal

The bigger the change you aspire to, the more steadiness and persistence it requires. So keep your picture with you, cherish it, live it every day, do your practice with your mantra, even write it down and place it somewhere where you see it regularly. 

Your doubts, your fears will attack from time to time, you can be sure of that. It only shows that you are doing well. 

And if it doesn’t happen? It doesn’t matter. By that time you will have collected all the treasures from the process. Whatever you will need for the best, fullest and happiest life that’s intended for you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t see at the moment how it’s going to happen. 

Your fate is designed in a way that you will evolve. The circumstances, the people, the events of your life will crush out the necessary changes sooner or later. But you do have a choice in how you will take part in this process. Like a rag doll, being dragged around, trying to keep up with what’s happening, trying to react and feeling powerless.

And what’s the other choice? To play along. Which means that you make a conscious decision to grow, to become the highest version of yourself. To become the main character in your life. 

That way you can speed up the whole process. This is exactly what you do with the exercises of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program.. Instead of suffering the course of fate you decide to grow, to set goals and work for them, and get stronger on the way. It’ll be more intense, sure. It’ll require your focus and energy, but it’s worth the effort. It’s the greatest change you can achieve and also the ultimate happiness to live your highest potential, to fulfill your true role. So don’t forget that no change and no goal you’re working towards is in vain on this journey, regardless of the outcome.

Let me know your experience with goal setting and if you found the above useful. And in the following two blogposts I’ll discuss a free opportunity from Anamé Program to raise your frequency and to kick off real change in your life.

Throwing a different light on Christmas as an instructor of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program

The beginning

When I was a kid, Christmas night was the most miraculous day of my life. Many people would guess of course, there were the presents, the guests, the holiday, the atmosphere of the season, the family time. 

And it would be true, partly. These factors were all important and special, sure they were, but they were not miraculous. So what was that secret ingredient, the addition which made the difference? It was the lights. More specifically, the colorful lights of the Christmas tree refracted by the granite-like glass door insert.

I don’t come from a religious family. For us, Christmas was rather about getting together, spending time with family, feasts and presents. 

We were still in the socialist era in Hungary, and my father worked as a high rank army officer. You may know that religion and the concept of God was not welcome during those years. It wasn’t persecuted either, but those who practiced their religion did it secretly, without talking about it with anyone, let alone in public. 

At home, my dad would have a low opinion of people who believed in God. He believed in socialism instead. My mom didn’t share his rigorous views, but she was also more on the non-believer side: having had some bad experiences with a priest when she was a child, she formed her opinion that the church was not a place of trust, purity and shelter and therefore religion wasn’t, either.

The mixture of secular and religious elements did not seem to be weird to me as a child. For quite some years the only reference I heard about Jesus Christ was that of little Jesus, who brings presents to children.

It was only years later, that I learnt whom he was, and many years later that I started wondering how the light I was so mesmerized about was connected to him. So I looked it up, and this was what I’ve found.

Why is Jesus referred to as the “Light of the World” and how does that relate to Christmas?

Jesus is the “true light” (Jn 1:9), the “Light of the World” (Jn 8:12; 9:5; 12:46), and he was born during the night watch (Lk 2:8), at midnight, when it was pitch black outside, the time when the darkness was the deepest and most intense. On that first Christmas night, the light shined in the darkness (Jn 1:5a), the glory of the Lord shone (Lk 2:9), the darkness has not overcome it (Jn 1:5b), and it enlightens everyone (Jn 1:9).

The birth of the Christ child fulfilled Isaiah’s ancient prophecy:  “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom, a light has shone” (Is 9:1). The newborn Son of God shines like the sun; he is the “sun of justice” who brings “healing rays” (Mal 3:20).

Light is a rich symbol with many meanings. It can represent sacredness, sanctity, blessedness, or holiness; purity, innocence, goodness, or perfection; glory, splendor, grandeur, majesty, magnificence, greatness, or wonder; intelligence, enlightenment, insight, wisdom, intelligence, or knowledge; divinity; the presence of God; joy; and truth.

The most common symbol for Jesus as Light is a single undecorated white candle. Such a candle can stand alone or be placed inside the Advent Wreath. Another common practice is to remove the four colored candles from the Advent Wreath on Christmas Day and replace them with four white candles for the rest of the Christmas season. Other ways to feature Jesus as Light would be to use white candles as a centerpiece on the dinner table, to place one or more white votive candles in prominent locations around the house, or to place a single white light or an array of white lights on the Christmas tree, a wreath, or any other decoration. In church the candles in the sanctuary also remind us that Jesus is the Light.

The Most Wonderful Time

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” says one popular Christmas song sung by 1960s singer Andy Williams. The song says it’s “the most wonderful time” because of the “holiday greetings,” “parties for hosting,” “caroling out in the snow,” and “loved ones near.”

The Christmas season is one of the most magical times of the year, especially in predominantly Christian countries. There is a spirit of giving and happiness, despite whatever hardships have happened during the year. But the real reason that it’s the most wonderful time is because it celebrates the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Born in the Meridian of Time

This year, calendars around the world proudly proclaim that it’s been 2020 years since the birth of Jesus Christ, to be precise. This system of reckoning time has been in use for thousands of years, and places the birth of Jesus Christ at the center of time. More recently, the abbreviations BC and AD have been replaced with BCE and CE (Before the Common Era and Common Era). However, the concept remains the same. The years 2019 CE and 2019 AD mean the same thing: 2020 years since Christ was born. His birth is the central event in time, and in all of history.

The Light of the World

Jesus is the light of the world. In John chapter 8, Jesus told His disciples, “I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life” (John 8:12). Throughout the Bible, many verses reaffirm this truth.

The new lights in the heavens are symbolic of Jesus Christ as the light of the world. He brought the light of truth to the world and overcame the darkness of sin and death through His Atonement. Jesus Christ is the light that shines through the darkness of the world, showing us the right way to go and how to overcome the darkness of temptation and sin.

Christmas is made even more wonderful when we remember that Jesus Christ’s birth is the reason we celebrate Christmas. He is the Light of the world, and when we celebrate His birth we celebrate His great gift to us of overcoming death and sin. He is the Son of God, the Redeemer of the world, and the Light of the world whose birth we commemorate and celebrate always, but especially at the most wonderful time of the year.

Past and present coming together

Back then, about thirty something – forty years ago the lights had the biggest impact on me. More than anything I’d been waiting for that flickering, heart warming wonder. Today, I’m grateful for the wonder of light growing in me. In spite of, or even thanks to the pressing circumstances I’ve never felt so perfectly in my place, calm and stable and happy. Happy, indeed. And I have to tell you that I would never, ever have guessed that it’ll happen under such pressing circumstances. 

This Christmas is special

It’s never been so vivid, so tangible for me, as this year, for many reasons.

For one, I’ve never prepared for Christmas during a world pandemic. People in masks everywhere, coffeehouses and restaurants open only for takeaway. Families calling off Christmas feasts and celebrations out of fear. My father in hospital, my mom in doubt about what we should do, my daughter quarantined, seeing the policemen checking her more often than her grandma.

Then, there’s been vast changes in my life in the past few months. Everything I considered to be fairly stable either changed or came to an end or the very least, became unsure.

Also, as an instructor of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program, I see and talk to quite some people every day and I’ve heard about hard circumstances, difficult decisions to make, losses and existential fears.

Today I received a letter from the founder of the school where my daughter goes to (online of course, for the past almost two months). It was a sorrowful piece about how uncertain and unfortunate this year was, expressing the hope that next year it’ll be better. You could feel the regret and sadness and indignation behind the sentences.

Considering the above, I’d have all the reasons in the world to be upset and become pessimistic about this year’s celebrations and the future in general with challenges in every aspect of my life from finances to family issues. I surely would. Now, I hope you’re already sensing that huuuge BUT. And here it comes.:)

But I’m not. Not because I convinced myself that I’m such a highly developed spiritual being that no virus or any of its consequences can affect me or because I decided to believe there’s no pandemic at all, it’s merely a conspiracy.

I don’t know what’s going to happen: to me, to my family, to the world. In the short or in the long run, I really don’t.  And I’m aware that I cannot have an impact on the circumstances. So I’m not trying to control them. 

There’s one thing, though, that I do have the power to control. I can control my inner world. Anything may come from outside, but what’s going on inside is my business.

And without this period of challenging circumstances and with all the unpredictability and insecurity of the whole thing I wouldn’t have been able to experience all this. During times we’d call ‘normal’ there’s not such a big opportunity, as we get engulfed in everyday tasks and presume that the scenery will remain the same.

But when I experienced how anything I thought fairly set and stable could change in a day (let alone within a couple of hours), it was like waking up from a dream. Or more like a defibrillation. It suddenly showed me the fragility of the whole setting and that no circumstance or person or nothing outside of me will give me a solid orientation point. So what was there to do? Well, panic. 🙂 That’s certainly one option and I’m not saying it’s never reared its head in the past couple of months, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

It was the option of finding that orientation point inside. In my choices, in deciding what to let emerge in my inner world. What thoughts, feelings. What kind of life I wanted for myself. One that’s driven by fear and seclusion or one that’s based on love and unity?

Let me give you two examples.

In a relationship I used to look for signs of how it’s beginning to get worse or decline. Whenever the other said or did something that I thought wasn’t as loving I began to sense that it was coming to an end and he didn’t care about me anymore. And the fear of it would drive me even more to concentrate on, even to look forward to these signs. And guess what happens if you do that all the time to? You’re going to find them for sure. 

Another example is to have hard feelings for someone. It gives a certain satisfaction to think over a hundred times how they were not right in what they said or how they behaved. Or how they hurt you. And it may even be righteous. It’s not easy to let these feelings go: you may feel that they are part of you, part of your story. And if you simply let it go, you’d somehow justify their actions, how they behaved, all the things they said (or didn’t say). For me it’s been very hard. I used to hold on to my wounds as if they were treasures.

What happens is that in exchange for your new life you give your grudges and these stories. It’s literally choosing between two lives. One driven by your ego: the seclusion, the stories in your head and holding your grudges. Or one which invites the light, Jesus in your life. It’s a huge difference.

The light of Jesus

This Christmas is special because while preparing for it, every day I had to make a decision. Whether I choose the darkness of loneliness and fear and holding grudges and concentrating on what’s missing and feeling sorry for it. Or to put my attention on the love and values in my relationships and my work and feeling grateful for my life, my circumstances. On the wonderful thing that I do have healthy food to eat, a nice and clean home and truly wonderful people around me.

For many years my life had been an endless cycle of discontentment and fear of how things are going to turn out, of how I may not get what I wanted and a feeling that I was alone and no God or person actually care about me (except perhaps of my daughter, but she’s not going to stay with me forever). 

It’s been important to embrace all this. Not only because these feelings and thoughts and the state of being which they determined for me show me the road I don’t want to take any longer. But also because back then I didn’t have a choice. The choice was only made accessible to me by Karma Killer Yoga and by Anamé Program. So in this period of preparing for Christmas it’s been important, more than ever not to blame myself or to think that I messed it all up.

Instead, I accepted these old ways of feeling and thinking and acting. I was even grateful for them: without them holding me a prisoner in the dark for so long I wouldn’t be so thirsty for light.

So every day, I was in constant vigilance. Whenever fear came because my old patterns interpreted a word or a gesture or a challenge that emerged as a ‘sign’ of declining. Whenever anger came or the narration in my head how I am right and the other wrong. Whenever moaning would take over. 

I decided not to. I decided that instead of the fear of getting hurt I’ll open my heart to the other, whatever the consequence. I offered my anger and my need to be right to God. And with each decision the darkness weakened. With each decision I felt lighter and more spacious and happy. 

It’s nothing like seeing through rose-colored glasses. You don’t deny any hardships. On the contrary: whenever something comes up, you deal with it right away. Stay open, available and sensitive to the truth of the situation. What you lose, what you let go of is not your clairvoyance, only your judgments and all the blame towards yourself and others that make it blurry.

With each decision you write your future. You draw the outlines of what kind of life you want for yourself and then coloring it bit by bit. Therefore, each decision is an invitation. Either to the darkness of isolation or to light. The light of love, unity, compassion, creativity and happiness. An invitation to the light of Jesus. 

And if you already have that picture and can’t wait for it to become reality, then in the next post you’ll find some practical advice as to how to achieve it. Let’s begin the new year together, with the intention of development in our hearts!

How to decide what advice to take if you look for happiness

If you google ‘happiness’, you’ll get about 1 410 000 000 results. If you look up ‘relationship’, it’ll be 2 170 000 000, for ‘sex’ it goes up to 3 500 000 000. For ‘success’ the number is 2 530 000 000, and for ‘money’ 4 170 000 000.

Now, I’m not a hotshot data analyst. And of course these approximate numbers in themselves are not sufficient for reaching big conclusions.

But once we have them, they may still show something interesting. Let me tell you what message they have for me, and I’m also curious what they say to you.

The first thing that’s obvious is that happiness of all has the lowest score. To me, this is the most exciting thing at first sight. Especially because who would want any of the others in themselves? I mean why would you want sex or money or whatever else if it doesn’t make you feel good, doesn’t make you happy. 

Why is it so? Is it only me who finds this curious? Everyone wants to be happy. Even those who state they don’t, because life is not about being happy, and you can literally feel the burden of pain and fear and renunciation behind those words. We are hardwired to seek for it.

It seems to me that we think we know what would make us happy. That’s why people say they want a nice home, a good job, lots of money or a good relationship (with even better sex). 

And most of us will be chasing these things until they start to weary out, and become an empty shell. It may take quite some time. Quite some time until we start questioning the whispers of our egos about just that one more thing. If I could have that, experience that, I would definitely be happy. 

And, instead of questioning it, we listen and run after the next thing, right? And it must be a very convincing voice, as for most of us it takes a long time to get suspicious. 

So this non-questioning and blind following of the ego’s voice will leave us with the numbers above. It will never want you to look for happiness inside. Because it’s aware that it happens when you’re centered and firm and connected to your higher self. And in that state the ego’s role is limited and considerably smaller. 

Therefore, the ego will want you to look for happiness everywhere else but inside: from another person or circumstance to an activity or a position or objects to own.

What’s the trap in turning outside and expecting happiness from there?

When we depend on the circumstances and other people and expect them to provide our happiness, we are in a very fragile state. One that can break any time.

All of us are familiar with situations when one moment changes everything. You thought you lived in a happy relationship and then your partner suddenly does or says something you never believed was possible. You get a bad diagnosis. You lose someone, or you lose your job and your life takes an unexpected turn. And sometimes all this in a blink of an eye.

It’s funny how all of us are aware of it but still, we do everything to push it out of mind, out of the light of our consciousness. I think this is because we don’t want to live our lives accordingly. 

Partly because it’s frightening. So we rather choose to sing ourselves a lullaby about safety and that we actually do what we are doing. Presuming that things are not going to change, unless we want them to. Everybody knows it doesn’t work like that. Ask anyone how predictable they think life is and all of them will have stories of how a love story turns into a nightmare from one minute to the next or how someone’s life crumbles in a blink of an eye. Right?

But we don’t like to think about it. So we go on with our lives based on assumptions. Assuming that you’ll always have a full supermarket to go to. Assuming that the person lying next to you in your bed will be there tomorrow as well. Assuming that you can talk to your parents any time later. 

You may argue that it’s necessary for survival. Because if we kept our focus on all the possible threats, dangers or sudden changes, we wouldn’t be able to lead our life. But is it really true?

Can’t it be that we simply choose the comfort of illusion? An illusion that makes us live our life half asleep. Where we’re forced to wake up only if there’s a pandemic and we cannot go to our favorite restaurant. When it turns out that our partner wants to be with someone else. When our parents get ill or die and we cannot postpone that call any longer. 

So what can we do? Should we be afraid? Worry each and every moment of our lives and expecting a tragedy any minute? 

Well, if you really let yourself feel into this question it’s obvious that it’s calling you to find a balance. To wake up from the illusions without fear, anxiety and worry leading your thoughts, actions and feelings.

What remains is a lot more awake state. In which you don’t take for granted anything in your life: your circumstances, the food that you eat, the people next to you and around you. Instead, you feel grateful for them. This is a lot more alert state, in which you remain conscious and active, and are able to use your power to form your 

I brought you two fractions of the book Karma Killer by Anamé, which is a perplexing story about how a soul is evolving through lives. It can be read as an interesting and exciting adventure novel, but it’s a lot more than that: it brings light to the threads of human fate. At the end of this gripping true story the pieces of the puzzle show the whole picture. The picture of unity and that everything is driven by love and even the deepest suffering and darkness is in the service of growth. 

Having read this book you’ll see karma in a completely different light. It’ll become a tangible, solid truth, inspiring you to ask yourself questions in a way that you won’t ever be looking at your life like before.

The pages will become alive, and the story transforms into a series of images, revisiting you again and again to help you answer the questions of who you actually are, where you are coming from and what’s the journey like behind you. 

So here come the teasers:

We spent several hours in prayer every night for months until, despite the rules, life found a way. When our bodies melted together, it was not only our bodies that melted together, our souls also united before God. I lived the ecstasy of saints every night.

We did not speak at night, and we did not speak by day. It was my sweet secret that I knew what was to come. I knew the rules of our community were going to change. Tomasino would take me to his side and we would lead the herd together. The greatness of his spirit and my womanly devotion would raise us to unprecedented heights. Even while awake, I dreamt of this, smiling, and embellished the image further and further in my mind.

My face became soft every time I looked at him and once, accidentally, the word “darling” slipped out of my mouth.

I froze, but then an infinite calm came over me. Now, months later, the time had come to let things out in the open. The unity of our body and soul could not be kept a secret any longer anyway, I thought.

The effect of my voice and that single spoken word, was as if he was slapped in the face. I watched him, waiting, filled with hope and glory, and so every flicker of his face was permanently burnt into me. At first his face contracted and tensed, as if I had struck him, then for a fraction of a second, a childlike uncertainty overcame hi. Finally, his face became imposingly smooth, and an internal composure appeared – he had decided.

All eyes were on him, since we all knew this expression by now: our leader was just about to preach.

-Did everyone hear this woman? Did everyone hear the word that left her sinful lips?

Those standing nearby whispered the word “Darling!” and a murmur rippled through the hall. The chorus of multiple voices expressed the dearest secret of my heart so disparagingly that this moment became the memento of my shame. To me, this meant that my devotion, my admiration, my love was abhorrent.

And another fragment of a different story.

I was a lonely, reserved little boy. A real angelic beauty with big, light blue eyes and golden, curly hair. My puffy cheeks were pink. The castle’s beautiful park and my living quarters filled with toys provided the basis of my carefree, fairytale-like childhood. My father was almost always traveling. He was distant, just like my mother, in her unapproachable, aristocratic beauty.


Everyone tended to my whims and I was never bored. I was aware of my beauty and my noble heritage. Looking back, my life until that day consisted of nothing but a kaleidoscope of sunshine and beautiful pictures.


My mother’s scream brought me back to reality. She, and a man I had never seen before, were both naked. They stared at me with wide eyed astonishment.

-What’s this? – hissed the unknown man between clenched teeth, in a manner similar to spitting. My mother didn’t even bother to cover herself.


Within an hour I was on my way. The carriage shook, and an icy wind blew and I howled as I cried myself to sleep. When I woke up, we were still traveling, the chubby peasant girl and I. At night, we stopped somewhere. She ate while I vomited with fear. I had never seen this much filth in my life. I remained standing in the middle of the room; I did not lie down on the dirty bed, until I collapsed from exhaustion.


From that day on that I left my home, I loathed the world, and I clung to the broken pieces of my former life like a drowning person. I lived in the sty with the livestock, and yet I practiced the perfect lordly pronunciation of the words of my language. I feared that I would forget it and begin talking like the peasants. In my free time, I wrote the alphabet in the dust – I read and write, unlike them!

Both fragments share a common pattern: showing how an unintentionally whispered word or an accidental encounter can kick the course of events out of their track, changing your life forever. 

Quite naturally, this idea evokes feelings of fear and uncertainty in most people. It reminds us that it can happen to us as well. While we’re working our way toward happiness, anything can happen that would take it away.

This is not a bad thing. This is not a bad thing at all, as with time it encourages us to turn inside and look for happiness inside of ourselves. To begin to look for that place inside which is connected to the highest reality. That essence which remembers who we are, where we came from and what’s our ultimate purpose of being here. The one that’s unshakable and steadfast, content and happy, independent of the circumstances, of the ups and downs of life.

Yeah, yeah, but what does it have to do with deciding what advice to take when it comes to happiness?

Where does happiness come from?

Well, the first step is easy. You just have to decide which way you want to turn: outside or inside. With the first choice you can concentrate on whatever you’d like to achieve to bring more happiness in your life: the perfect daily routine, becoming a killer cook or traveling. 

If you decide to take the inner way, things get a bit more complicated. Why? Because the ego can still find a way here. With more subtle tools, but still. Telling you you can do it just by yourself. Change your habits, change your thoughts, change your mindset. 

There’s a third way, which will remind you that you came to this world with a purpose and with treasures to use for the sake of this planet and its habitats. And to fulfill that role is the greatest happiness of all, independent of the circumstances.

In this third way you renounce your landmarks and learn to live with a lion’s heart among uncertainties and ambiguity. You’ll not have the comfort of your illusions, but, together with that, you’ll lose the bluntness that had been cutting you off from the happiness of truly feeling and expiring and admiring life. 

Can I choose wrong?

I don’t believe in wrong choices. Each path will give you something, enriching you with an experience, with an understanding, which will add up to a wonderful and unique masterpiece of you.

Looking at it from an energetic point of view, we’re not as free in making our choices as we think we are. During the course of our growth we all move in between energy levels. They have their own frequency band, which determines our feelings, thoughts and actions and – our choices. 

So while it seems that in a given situation we have endless possibilities to choose from, in reality we’re only free to make a choice within the frames of the frequency band we’re currently moving. 

No need to think about big things, either. Like how we choose to react if the cashier at the counter says something unpleasant. Or what we choose to think or say if someone on the road is honking at us for some ridiculous reason.

The same way, this frequency band will determine what methods, teachers or trends you are going to find attractive. And it’s alright. It’s alright to learn new skills or introduce new habits into your life and learn from them, see where they take you. All of them will have a gift for you. All of them will move you further, toward precious realizations.

And sooner or later we’ll all get tired of expecting the circumstances to bring us happiness. Tired of waiting for the next thing to achieve or buy or acquire to make us permanently happy. But until then, each step on the way is precious. Therefore, please, never hurt or judge yourself for making the wrong choice, and never blame yourself for the lack of your happiness. Always remember that the first step is being grateful. 

So no, I don’t believe you can choose wrong. But I hope that this post will help you make a more conscious choice.

Let me know what you think about it and where you’d take advice from if looking for happiness.

A three days trial for a happier life

I’d like to show you something. So far there’s been a lot about karma and how it ties us to situations, to certain mindsets and emotional settings.

And also about how we get back our freedom to choose by getting rid of them. This freedom goes hand in hand with a higher energy level, a higher frequency. One that’s independent of the outside world, the circumstances. To me, this is happiness.

What I wanna show you know is how it feels. A taster. A teaser. A spoiler. But first, let’s see what these three days can offer. And what they can’t. 

To put it very simply, the final goal for karma cleansing is to reach your purest, highest self, to live your full potential and reunite with God (when I refer to God, you may want to translate it to higher consciousness or the universe or the supreme. Feel free to choose what works for you).

And you do that by sweeping away, washing out, clearing yourself off all the beliefs, shoulds and shouldn’ts, judgments (both positive and negative), identifications, and God knows what other blockages you gathered on your way. 

Real high life is not fancy clothes or licentiousness or being wealthy. It’s not even power in the sense we usually think of it as in occupying a high status position. 

It has a lot more to do with being centered, keeping your serenity and brightness and a love for truth. Not because of your circumstances are favourable, rather regardless of them. It’s an undaunted, naturally optimistic state.

For me this is true high life, and most likely I’m not alone. Because none of us has the power to control the circumstances, no matter how hard we try or how we make ourselves believe the opposite.

What we have is ourselves, our whole being to work with. This is what we have for this amazing journey to elevate, to see past the appearance and experience life there. This is a path within ourselves. As Jesus put it: ‘I am the way and truth and the life’.

And now, let’s get to business. For these three days you’ll need a couple of things, so it might be a good idea to get prepared.

Note that the following practices and recommendations can be beneficial in themselves, but applying them parallelly is the most effective.

None of these recommendations are unheard-of or revolutionary in and of themselves. None of them will be new like you’ve never heard before. But that’s not the point: performing them together with some of the free exercises of Karma Killer Yoga has the power to elevate your energy level, showing you a higher frequency of existence.

But as they contain some dietary advice and physical exercises, in case of any health issue please consult your physician.


What you eat has a great influence on not just your physical, but emotional and mental state, too

What we eat and drink has a great impact not only on our physical health but also on our emotional and mental state. As a general rule, it can be affirmed that a plant based diet with lots of fresh, raw, unprocessed elements and clean water, herbal tea and freshly pressed, ideally green juices help to raise your energy level. If you have a chance, experiment with what works for you before the challenge, or use these three days as a beginning of a more complex change to your diet.

So the first recommendation is to keep a vegan diet for these three days. Try to stay away from sugar, coffee and gluten, and have something fresh and raw with each meal.

If you feel like going an extra mile, you may want to incorporate fresh celery juice into your program. In case you don’t know it, here you can find a quick summary and some tips:


Give yourself time and space for noticing how you feel after a certain meal. If you can, allow yourself sufficient time to eat. It feels good to treat yourself, your family and/or your friends with tasty, nutritious food that you’re grateful for. Keeping your focus on how your meal looks and smells and tastes like while being thankful for it you can avoid worrying about your troubles.

The suggestions here are based mostly on experience and therefore it’s important that you check them with a healthcare professional, as your diet can have an influence on the effect of certain medications and in the case of some conditions adjustments may be necessary.


We feel lighter and better in tidy and clean, clutter-free spaces. This is another really basic thing, but it really adds up to our general well-being and energy level.

Our home is like an extension to our bodies, and as such, it does matter how it’s taken care of. Unused, unnecessary objects are taking up our energy, instead of supporting us. Minimalism, minimalistic lifestyle is not appealing to everyone, but its basic principles are useful for everyone. And we can decide to what extent we want to incorporate them into our lives. If it goes only as far as being more conscious with our shopping or selling, giving away some items we don’t use any longer is a great step. 

Now, I’m aware that three days is not a very long time and you probably won’t throw yourself into a massive Marie Kondo tidying programme just now, but still, there’s a lot you can do and it’s definitely worth trying. 

You may prepare for these three days by cleaning and tidying up, keeping your living space as clutter free as possible. And during those three days it’s best to keep your intention on keeping your surroundings clean and tidy, by putting away everything you used before, doing the dishes immediately after the meals, etc.

In an ideal case our environment is clean, tidy and clutter free and we are only surrounded by objects that are necessary and/or good to look at.


The same way as objects, people can rob us out of our energy or energize us. Be attentive as to whom you’re spending your time with. Negativity coming from others is pulling you back, as if you wanted to jump high while someone else was holding you by the ankles. 

Here I’d like to stop again a bit to clarify another common misunderstanding. Some people seem to think that blocking negativity means not to accept hardships or seeing everything through rose-colored sparkle pony glasses. 

So is it bad if you see a friend or a relative and talk about difficulties? Does it mean that you allow negativity into your life? Does it mean that you can only be in touch with those around you whose lives run smoothly and who are not going through hard times? Of course not, that would be ridiculous. 

I’m sure you know people who like to talk about hardships only for the sake of complaining. In such situations you don’t get closer to the solution, neither of you feel better or energized, quite the contrary: you probably feel tired and disheartened.

So how can you decide if either you’re involved in a negative cycle with someone? Well, if you start blaming yourselves, the circumstances or other people you can be certain that it’s not leading you towards a constructive solution.

If you feel stuck with someone in such a situation, you may try to redirect the course of the conversation to help your companion. They must be open to it of course, but this could be a chance for both of you to meet on a deeper level. 

Try to listen deeply and reflect them back on their feelings, the atmosphere of how they’re talking about the subject. It can help much more than listening halfheartedly, already thinking about what and how you’ll respond. 

And in some cases, there’s in fact nothing to solve. Sometimes all the other needs is compassion and to feel connected. 

And just as much as with other people, make sure that you are a good company to yourself, too. Try not to judge and blame yourself, but be loving and compassionate.


Find a mantra for these days. It should be really simple and personal, in the present tense, only about you. Something like ‘I am healthy’ or ‘I am happy’.

Use that mantra at the end of each Karma Killer Yoga exercise, the descriptions for which you’ll find below.

But, in case you have the time and energy, you may write it down several times in the mornings and the evenings, even write it on a piece of paper and place it somewhere where you see it the most, like on a notice board or your fridge. 

Why is mantra important? Just think of your usual mindset, and your thought patterns. How many times have you told yourself that you’re not able to do something? How many times have you reinforced by your thoughts, your emotions, even uttered words that you are too weak / old / shy or not educated / capable/ self-certain / experienced enough for whatever it is that you really want?

The mantra, especially together with the practice can have the transformative power. With its help, you can kick off the set of your thoughts out of their well trained track. 

Three days are not many compared to all those years or even decades while you have been deepening the old track, but you may already notice the promise of chance. Still, just be patient.


Physical exercise and fresh air help to keep you more energized and motivated, and is good for your health and your general well-being.

Even if you don’t have time or cannot afford to go to the gym, or do some other sport activities, make sure to go out for a short walk every day. 

Choose to do something that feels good. It’s good if it’s physically challenging and engages the whole body. In the long run, according to my experience the most effective is to combine cardio and strength exercises (check with a professional if you should keep them separated). 

If it’s only playing some music and dancing a bit in your previously well aired room, it’s still more than nothing.

Daily routine and focus

With a well structured daily routine it is far easier to keep your focus and to not loose energy. 

So try to plan your days in advance. In case something unpredictable pops up, just be flexible with your plan, it’s there to help you and not to add up to your tasks to worry about.

In an organized and collected state of mind it’s easier to experience a higher energy level. Some people think that it’s more than enough for them to be collected and well organized at their workplace and just want to be left alone at home, in their free time. To be able to relax. 

It sounds logical, isn’t it? It does, but it’s misleading. Relaxation does not have to mean to fall apart, to lose your focus. Happiness that’s coming from a higher energy level doesn’t mean the lack of collectedness. Quite the contrary. 

When we think about focus, we usually mean a strong concentration that’s engaging the mind. On an energetic level it’s connected to the third eye chakra. We’re used to the tenseness, the rigidity and the limiting nature of this type of focus so much that it’s hard to imagine a different type.

The focus I’m talking about here is rather one which engages the whole body. It’s a sort of alertness in which you observe your inner world just as much as your surroundings while staying relaxed. You are alert, you are present, but without the tension of focus that’s interpreted only as the concentration of the mind.

How a good daily routine and the above mentioned type of focus become important companions on the way to happiness? 

With the practice of Karma Killer Yoga by Anamé Program the energy system is freed of the deeply engraved emotional and thought patterns which are limiting us in many aspect of our lives. And parallel to that, as a result, we get the freedom to choose our reactions, thoughts and feelings. 

But it’s not possible in a state of mind that we usually call ‘relaxation’, where we let our focus and collectedness fall apart. It requires alertness and the whole body focus and being present, being available to whatever happens inside and around us.


This one is a very powerful practice. Every night, before you go to sleep, find three things that you feel grateful for. It can be something for that particular day or anything in general. And if it comes naturally, no need to stop at three.;)

In case it feels better, you may want to do this exercise in the morning.

In challenging times it may be hard to be thankful. In the midst of difficulties it’s understandable if you feel that your situation is so hard that you cannot be grateful for anything.

Should it be the case, I still encourage you to keep this practice. Actually, the harder your situation, the more helpful it can be. 

Why? Because among troubles our minds are narrowed to our current situation and that can make it hard to see clearly, to distance ourselves from the problem or to see it from a different perspective. Expressing your gratitude can help calm the turmoil of the mind and give comfort on the level of emotions, too.


As well as people, your activities can either charge you or taking away your energy. Choose to do things and be with people who charge you. If you just think about the feeling of sitting in front of the TV and switching channels or scrolling endlessly your Instagram feed, or that of going for a walk in the woods with someone you love, you’ll immediately get the difference. To put it simply, just be attentive of any possible leakage of energy. 

And in case you cannot avoid being involved in an energy depleting activity or encounter, try to see the possibility of growth in them.

Karma Killer Yoga exercises by Anamé Program

Perform the following five exercises one after the other in the below sequence. Five times the first four exercise, and then once the fifth, the stress relieving exercise. 

  1. The body exercise


  1. The soul exercise


  1. The spirit exercise 


  1. The unity exercise 


  1. The stress relieving exercise 


It doesn’t really matter at what time of your day you choose to do the exercises. It takes about 25 minutes. If the five repetitions of the first four seem to be too many, then feel free to do less.

What to expect

To get to a higher energy level and to be able to keep it permanently is not an easy task, but worth the effort for sure.

I’m aware that this three day experiment will not be enough to change your whole life. But can be powerful enough to kick off that change, and also to give you a glimpse into a higher frequency, happier life.

I’d be really happy to hear about your experiences with this little experiment, if you agree to share them.

Meet the founder of Karma Killer Yoga

Anamé, the founder of Karma Killer Yoga

OK, for this post I’d ask you to set aside a comfortable hour, to do some experimenting. It’s the best if you can remain undisturbed during this time. If you don’t have that much time or you don’t like experimenting or strangers asking you to do something, then of course you can simply read on. But that way you miss the full experience – no pressure there. 😉

But if you’re up to it and curious, before you read on, please follow this link first to YouTube and try the exercise you find there (it’ll take approximately 10 minutes.15 if you really get the hang of it). Anamé, the founder of Anamé Program and Karma Killer Yoga will be your guide through the exercise:


Once you’re done, read on as if you read and received the words not only with your mind, but with your whole being. And enjoy the interview with Anamé and accept the love she put into answering the following questions.

10 + 1 questions for Anamé

1. There are so many methods available for one to work on their problems and on their growth. Why Anamé Program, why Karma Killer Yoga?

It’s because it works on a far deeper level than that of the mind. There are so many methods out there urging you to change. To change your thoughts, change your feelings. Even an illness they say can be a result of negative thinking and emotions.

This theory is harmful not only because it promotes guilt. The biggest problem with it is that it’s not true. We’re all columns, consisting of energy. The higher we reside in this column the higher our vibration and therefore our feelings, thoughts and actions are. The lower the vibration, feelings, thoughts and actions will adjust accordingly.

We are not free to choose the way we see the world and how we feel and react in certain situations. It’s all determined by the state of our chakras. And we cannot make conscious decisions about the state of our chakras. For example, hypofunctioning in any chakra means a withdrawn, passive, adrift, defensive attitude, which will reflect in the feelings, mindset, worldview and therefore in the circumstances. On the level of the solar plexus, for instance, it can result in someone feeling inferior to others and playing mostly the victim part, may find it hard to set boundaries or feel unmotivated, powerless. But as it’s all stemming from an energetic state or pattern, it’s wrong to suggest that it can be changed with a different mindset. If it could be done solely in the mind, everyone would be happy, as they wouldn’t choose to think and feel inferior, unmotivated or powerless.

The human mind is great for thinking in projects. And it can be a project to getting our chakras in a better state. And then the mind is capable of noticing the change, but not of making it happen.

Anamé Program is designed to make it happen. It is a complex transformation system, consisting of the exercises of Karma Killer Yoga, books, binaural frequency’s, energized crystals and water to promote real change and support it from as many sides as possible.

Psychology also knows that the conscious mind makes up only a small part of our true potential. Still, esoteric teachings suggest that we solve all our problems using our minds. Because it gives us the illusion of control. But the conscious human mind is insignificant (and inflexible) compared to our true being.

On the other hand, Anamé Program and Karma Killer Yoga has a practical approach. No one expects you to believe in it, it works even if you don’t, unlike placebo.

When you feel a negative effect like a cleansing symptom, you’ll realize that you had all those feelings suppressed or that your body begins to clear as if you started a detox program. If you face resistance and work yourself through it you get the treasure behind and you’re able to continue on a higher energy level. This emotional resistance is a phenomenon known in psychology and psychotherapy as well.

You also get the positive effects: the higher energy level. You feel more energized and start to react in a different way in certain situations. Not in your head but on the level of the gut, with all the cells of the body.

Chakras are storehouses of karma. It means that if we work with the chakras we work with the karmic sprouts that bring the outside world, our circumstances, emotional state, thoughts and body into life. Being a karma killer means that you are able to clean your chakras and those difficulties you experience in any part of your life.

2. You always say that every spiritual teaching is worthy only as long as it makes your everyday life better. Could you explain a bit what you mean by that?

As far as I can see it, no one wants to feel better by having a better idea any longer. Those ideas we cherish don’t always manifest in our lives. People want to feel better, to be more content in their everyday lives. They don’t want to be philosophical, they want to be happy. The most exciting journey in the whole world is to explore your potential and feel accomplished, at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Anamé Program consists also of a lifestyle supporting you to establish higher energy level daily routines with a vegan diet and lots of love toward yourself. In which it does matter how you look in the mirror and what you put on your face. Whether it’s some cream full of chemicals or a cold pressed organic oil. The way you touch your skin matters, and also the accompanying thoughts: whether they are loving, cherishing thoughts. And in the meantime you listen to a frequency which promotes beauty, health and youthfulness; not on the inside, but by helping you reach that higher energy level, radiating from the inside out, making the beauty that’s in all of us visible and shining.

3. You’ve gone through incredible hardships like child abuse, some fatal illnesses and a divorce, just to name a few. What would you say to those who are in a difficult situation – physically, emotionally or under circumstances that seem to be hopeless?

That you’re never alone and that it’s possible. You can ascend under the most difficult circumstances. In fact, they make it possible for us to raise much higher than under comfortable circumstances. Of course you want to reach them but never ever think of yourself as bad person who, in consequence, is having the difficulties. Let’s forget this old judgemental approach of having a bad karma and you deserve the hard circumstances as a punishment.

At Anamé Program we believe in quite the contrary: all of us who’s born in this world of matter is blessed. Because by doing so we agree to raise and illuminate a part of the whole, through our own being. And by that these parts are raised and illuminated in the whole world, and therefore we’re all heroes.

I know how hard it is to endure an illness day by day, minute by minute. Having been half blind, suffering from colitis and kidney deficiency I surely know that such a state, such a situation makes you concentrate all your energy to work your way through that hardship. Not necessarily consciously, not in your mind or not just in there but with your whole being. You evolve under these hard circumstances, getting stronger and persevering in the process.

Think of yourself as a hero and remember that every health issue, every emotional problem in any aspect of your life has a corresponding chakra. And if you set out to work with that chakra precisely and effectively, the difficulty can become easier.

4. There seems to be an increasing amount of fear and hatred in the world we live today. Where do you think we as individuals and as humanity are heading?

I only believe in growth, rising, love and unity. On the level of duality there’s hatred where we define ourselves in opposition to others. Our fate is constantly working on our progress, as well as Karma Killer Yoga, only the path of fate is longer and more painful.

It may take a very long time, spent in hatred and blaming others and ourselves until we learn that it leads us nowhere. Still, we make progress and learn on the way. Every single one of us is walking on the path of unity, even when they choose hatred, as sooner or later the suffering of it will lead us all to find real solutions.

Esotery is an inner path. It means to withdraw our attention from the outside world into our core and here we work on reaching a higher energy level. This is where it’s possible to raise the world we live in.

Watching the news and being informed won’t make fear and hatred disappear. Our mind is reactive, monitoring the events around us, making judgements and plans. But there’s a state, higher than that of the reactive mind, which is capable of having an influence on the outside world and raise it higher.

5. High vibe is a popular term these days. What does it mean to you and what change do you see on those who practice Karma Killer Yoga?

The terms good vibes, high vibes are more popular now than ever

There are people who look like having a grey veil around them, covering their true light. Each time we look away from our difficulties or deny them, blaming the outside world or use it to divert our attention we renounce feeling happy and accomplished and to try ourselves in this world and go along this adventurous journey we set out for ourselves. We say oh, it’s not possible, life doesn’t work like that. While for the hardships we say that’s just life.

Each time we do that we allow this grey veil to stay with us, on us. The exercises of Karma Killer Yoga literally strip us off this veil by clearing the blocks of our chakras, manifesting in our bodies, feelings, thoughts and circumstances, in our entire lives.

Whoever walks on this path begins to shine. It will be reflected in their look, in their colors.

6. Why should anyone bother to clean their chakras? Why don’t we just change the way we look at things? Many people say that our mind is a powerful tool, and all we have to do is use it in a more conscious way.

I was about 20 years old when I was in hospital, dying. My organs started to shut down and I was almost blind, kept alive by an appliance. On top of that I was full of emotional pain.

I was not able to look at my chances in a positive way. I was not able to convince myself that it was alright or not that bad. You may say that my mind was too weak and that might be true, but it could be true for others, too.

What helped me in that situation was that instead of trying to convince myself of something I began to develop the exercises of Karma Killer Yoga. If I tried to reassess my position in my head I may not be here to tell the story, as it wouldn’t have brought such a deep and thorough change as the exercises did.

I do not want to dissuade anyone from positive thinking, I don’t doubt it can work in certain cases. However, on a lower energy level we tend to have a series of negative thoughts running almost endlessly in our head. From that point it takes a lot more energy to concentrate endlessly to break that chain of thoughts than to rise ourselves to a higher energy level with the help of physical exercises, where the positive, loving thoughts, feelings and an overall approach will come naturally.

7. What do you think of the law of attraction?

I do appreciate all who can make it work. However, it doesn’t seem to work out for many others. As far as I can see the majority of people want to use this principle to fulfill their desires. When in reality, to have an effective creating power you have to overcome your desires and your fears of not being able to fulfill your desires. Plus, as a third ingredient, you have to let go of the self centered attitude that tells us to try creating things ourselves, for our own benefit.

Karma Killer Yoga offers you much more than that. It offers to reside in the truth. When you can feel the flow of life in every minute, as your chakras are clean. So you yourself become the flow of life, connected to everything and everyone and with God’s plan. To reside in the truth is a whole different state of mind than being kept in the wheel of fears and desires. And it comes with a much stronger creating power, too.

8. On your courses you often ask people what the desire of their hearts is. What is yours?

What I’d like more than anything is for people to want more than simply to survive and endure the difficulties and obstacles of life. I’d like them to realize that we were not born to remain small and go through life with the least possible harm. By being born we agreed to take on these difficulties to raise the whole world through ourselves and if it is so, let’s have all the creating power to fulfill hat, let’s enjoy each and every moment of this wonderful mission and the accomplishment, as we add whatever we’re called to do to this world of ours. And this is what the exercises of Karma Killer Yoga helps you achieve.

9. What would you say to someone who’s sitting in front of their computer (or any other device) screen right now, reading these lines?

To get up and try another exercise. In order to feel the effect of practice instead of thinking about the method.

Body exercise

10. How do you see the future of Anamé Program and Karma Killer Yoga and their role in these times?

Everything evolves, the whole world, not only us. The frequency is getting higher and there’s a general acceleration. This process is an energetic one, enabling the most effective and fastest possible growth for all those who choose to develop. Considerably faster than ever before, a grace from above.

On the other hand, this frequency affects also those who don’t want to commit themselves on the path of growth. But because it doesn’t work on a transformation it manifests in the form of an annoying vibe.

My mission is to help everyone: those who choose growth and those who are annoyed by this higher vibe. This is why I cannot rest: me and my team are constantly working to bring the possibility of development and inner peace to as many people as we can.

10+1 What does happiness mean to you?

To me, happiness comes from my whole being and it’s not the product of the circumstances. To live on a higher energy level means that you’re happy in every second, as brightness is our natural state of being.

Many difficulties are stemming from us expecting the circumstances to make us happy, because this way we want to control things in the outside world that we hardly can. And then there’re fears and desires.

Desires and fears from not being able to achieve or acquire something are all based on the feeling of scarcity. Because we think we lack the very thing that would make us happy. And if we have whatever we think the key to happiness is, then there’s always the fear of losing it.

I see it as a motivating force. It shows us a direction so we do everything possible to live on a higher energy level. To not only use the lower three, so called material chakras but to not stop until we find the celestial, everlasting happiness of the crown chakra.

And the best part is that it’s not a theory but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that has happiness in it each and every minute.

Welcome back, me again

To end this post I suggest another exercise: it’s good for relieving stress, but also to ventilate out any unsettling feeling that may have emerged in you while reading or during the first exercise. If it is so, don’t worry, because change is almost always unsettling. In fact if it’s not, it’s better be suspicious. And if there are no such feelings or thoughts, this exercise still has a nice, calming effect.;)

So if you’ve come so far with me, have a tennis ball ready and try this one, too:


In case of high blood pressure, reflux or panic attacks (or you don’t have a tennis ball) go with this one instead:


That was it for today. I’d really like to hear about your experiences: if you read the post with or without trying the exercises (why, if so and why not if you didn’t). 

In case you tried the exercises I’m also curious about how they felt to you and whether or not you had any body sensations or emotions coming up.

And also if you think they made a difference in reading the interview and taking it in.

See you in the next post and thanks for coming along with me.

The karma cleansing game: common pitfalls and misconceptions

I was curious if someone is not coming from a tradition where the concept of karma is not a suspicious idea for eccentric people, but as accepted as the change of seasons, what information they would find and how it would translate to them.

I didn’t do an extensive study, just did what many people do if they are curious about a certain topic: I opened YouTube and typed in some keywords. I was looking for videos rather for the western mind with some basic explanation and examples, offering solutions as well.

The reason why I don’t want to discuss the eastern approach here is partly because there are many people who are experts on the field and I’m not one of them. And also because the first advice you’ll most likely get there is to close the source of karma, which you do by not having expectations for your actions. Which is perfectly logical, but for a starting point rather alien to the western mind.

I went to the comment sections, too, just to see the reception and hopefully dig some experiences. First of all, there were many thanksgivings of course. People helping others to clarify things or help them move on when they feel stuck doesn’t give much room for trolling, which is a good thing.

However, there were other types of comments, and those are the ones I’d like to address here. But first, let’s see what kind of advice you get if you’re looking for a more western approach to karma and how to eliminate it for good. Thereafter we’ll see how and why they may be hard to follow for some people.

Forget and forgive

Whatever happens to you is under the law of cause and effect. So if you find yourself in a difficult situation, it’s a consequence of something you’ve done before. Karma is there to help you, not to punish, you learn and by learning you grow. So you forget and you forgive those who hurt you and if you do, you ditch your karma.

You forgive yourself too: for example by saying ‘I forgive myself for the suffering I’ve caused myself’.

Let go and be positive

That simple?

If you have painful feelings and beliefs, just let them go. Don’t think negative thoughts, be positive and therefore you won’t attract negativity in your life and be rid of bad karma.

Use positive affirmations for creating money or whatever you may lack.

Identify negative patterns and go against them

Whatever problems may keep recurring in your life, first determine them, as they say you can release only what you identify.

Once you got them, make conscious changes. For instance, if you have a tendency toward overgiving, learn how to put yourself first and nurture yourself, set boundaries and love yourself.

Let’s check the comment section now

Besides being thankful, some concerns also arose:

-I want to forgive [but…]

-I now suffer laying in bed most of my days from pain. It’s hard to forgive but I know I must let go

-Bad things always happen to me

-It is hard to forgive and every day a problem happens

-I cannot forget

-The biggest problem in me is I cannot forget or forgive sometimes. I have been hurt so badly in the past

-I continue to revisit the past for closure but I find none, only remorse and regret

-I have been steadily taking back my control of self at home, but it has transferred to me worrying about everything and everyone at work…

And some typical answers from other people who are most probably trying to help:

-If you believe that you’ll attract more [negativity, bad things]

-You must pay for your bad karma

I won’t tire you with more examples, I think you get the picture.

See what the problem is here?

Forgive, let go, don’t poison yourself with negative feelings, negative thoughts. Notice a negative pattern? Act different, change your habits, your mindset, break the cycle. Be aware.

Bad pieces of advice? Hell no: it does work for some. But this blog is not for them. It’s for those who try but just cannot figure out how. Who sometimes feel they have it but then something happens and they lose it. Or nothing particular happens and they lose it. Or don’t feel confident enough to even try.

And then come all the bad guys you can think of: guilt, self-doubt, self-judgement, the feeling that we’re not good enough, not persistent enough, simply not enough. That we lack willpower. And we presume that others can do it, only we can’t. 

There’s a lot of pressure coming through the above comments. One can almost feel the burden of each have to and must. That of I know I should but I can’t.

Why bother about these pitfalls and misconceptions of karma cleansing?

Because I hate to see people blame themselves. Because I’ve been working with karma cleansing long enough to know that it’s not a piece of cake. Because I’d like as many people as possible to know that it can be achieved without setting themselves nearly impossible tasks. 

Sure it requires time and energy. Sure it needs intention. But it’s possible. And your mind cannot fail you because that’s not what’s needed here. It’s put out of the way in order to work on a very deep level, with the help of breathing and simple exercises.

There is already a huge amount of suffering in our world, and I hate to see something that’s supposed to ease it actually adding up to it.

So here goes some basic things you should know about karma cleansing.

5 facts about karma cleansing

1. Karmic patterns are not stored in the mind and therefore are out of its reach except for an occasional recognition

Karmic patterns are stored in the chakras. It’s rare for someone to see the whole story, or in many cases the series of stories that’s behind such a pattern. Most of us simply act without realizing the real reason behind those actions: we get attracted to someone, fall in love, be happy for a while, then start to be annoyed, misunderstood, judged, unloved, angry, disappointed. We break up, mourn, get better. And do the whole thing again.

Ok, I realize it’s not always like that, but still, I think you get the point. Most of us are unaware of the underlying cause of such encounters, for example. That we continue a story which thread we’d dropped. To try and resolve it in a way that our soul will be satisfied. How? Love. In love. With love. That’s always the answer, and the final destination.

But these thread of stories and where we’d dropped them are very rarely conscious, and because of that we feel the urge to make up some causes and explanations to fill the gap.

2. Recognition doesn’t help much with clearing karmic blocks

There’s a common misconception I see many people have. That once we recognize a pattern or a problem, most of the work is done. Then you just have to make conscious choices and all is well. 

In many cases people want to know a karmic story and look for a method or a person that can help them discover it. What usually happens is the following. With high expectations for the given method or person you learn a story which you may or may not feel deeply connected to. It’s a new perspective, it’s exciting, giving the impression that something fundamental is happening, having a huge impact on your life. 

Then you go home and at first you make plans how you’ll act on what you learned, inducing change. But after a while slowly, gradually the power and excitement of the experience begins to fade. 

That’s why it’s not very common that such an experience or encounter would spark a change and bring a permanent resolution.

Because at the end of the day, it’s nothing more than information, and as such, it’s an empty shell, lacking the fuel, lacking the charge to induce that change.

3. There’s no need to identify a karmic block consciously in order to release it

Or, to be more exact, a karmic block, pattern, relationship can be dissolved or healed with or without it being available for the conscious mind.

Over the years I have seen many examples of people releasing old, heavy burdens, sometimes accompanied by cathartic crying or deep sobs. In some cases they have an AHA moment or have a memory of profound significance. But not necessarily, not all the time. But these experiences do have something in common: they certainly go deeper than the mind, that has a transformative effect on the level of the gut, as if the hardwiring was changed.

4. In most cases complete, total forgiveness is a result of karma cleansing and not vice versa

Once you really accept this one you can save yourself from a lot of pain. One way or another, many of us reach a conclusion that the only way to set ourselves free from a karmic relationship is through love and forgiveness. 

The failure of rejection, hatred, blame, resentment and anger becomes obvious for anyone who’s tried them enough times. So we try to love and to forgive. But how many times does it really happen?

For me, I used to keep noticing a small part in me that didn’t actually want to forgive. Or not really. Telling me that to forgive is really nice and cool but what happened to me WAS unjust, and I had the RIGHT to feel whatever I did. I suspect this phenomenon to be familiar to some of you. 

This is the trick of the ego. Our egos will NEVER want us to forgive completely. Why not? Because it wants us separated. And in separation someone has to be right and the other wrong. In separation there’ll always be good guys and bad guys. 

With the exercises of Karma Killer Yoga I was able to go round these tricks and get to a place where I didn’t want to hang on to the old hurts. They became irrelevant. I could feel the fears and sorrows of the other parties and see that the only way out of this vicious cycle is to clear them all out.

This is not just an idea. It is an incredibly liberating experience. Not in your head but your whole body. Wide, light, spacious and strong.

5. Karmic blocks have their own worldview, their own set of thoughts and emotions, interconnected. So trying to change our thoughts and emotions is like trying to fix the effect without addressing the cause

Let’s suppose you’ve often felt that you must please others to be accepted or loved. But you feel that always saying yes and many times performing while you overstretch your limits is not sustainable.

So you try to say no. You try to really set your limits. It’s definitely a hard work, and may leave you feeling guilty and anxious. As if none of the choices were completely alright.

What we’re dealing here are energy blocks. Not one of us’ true nature is to look for love and acceptance out of fear.

If you work with the blocks directly that make you feel and think out of this fear, the result will be deeper and more thorough, as you won’t have to deal with guilt and anxiety or convince yourself that you’re doing the right thing. And that way whenever that ‘no’ comes, it will come from a place of righteousness and confidence and love – toward yourself and others, too.

The conclusion

Considering the above, no wonder that quite some people feel they failed on this journey as they don’t experience rudimentary transformation. So they may feel disheartened and give up, drawing the consequence that it’s somehow their fault. While in reality all they’d need is turn things around and work on the cause instead of the effect. 

To give you an example: in a relationship a karmic block can stem from a dramatic separation, after which the parties missed their chance for union because of pride and fear. (This is in fact a true story, about which I may be talking in later posts, using it as a demo:)

So what happens at a later encounter? Those feelings and accompanying thoughts that are engraved deep in our system will start to take control over our actions, feelings and thoughts. In many cases without understanding the underlying cause, steering us like robots. Remaining in the dark about where jealousy, distrust or suspicion comes from. 

And we feel that something isn’t right and try to behave and feel and think differently, but something feels off. But, if we clear the karmic imprint first, there’ll be nothing in us to maintain those feelings and thoughts and finally we’re free to choose them. Free to finally choose love, not just in theory, but for real, with our whole being.

In the next post I’ll be coming back with an interview with Anamé, the founder of Karma Killer yoga with some really exciting topics. Hope to see you there, too!

The cosmic humor in action

Why me?

One would think (well, I would for sure) that to choose a profession where your job is to help others, be present every day for long hours giving yourself over completely and focusing on another human being to find the best way for them to move forward, requires great empathy and selflessness.

It’s just logical, isn’t it? Now, the thing is that if I look back on the years of my young adulthood and asked myself to describe my best qualities, guess what wouldn’t have been on the list. I think you guessed right: empathy and selflessness. It’s not that I was falsely modest: I actually think I had a pretty clear picture of what I was really good at. A fast, strategic thinker, a good, efficient problem solver, someone with good communication skills. But not really a ‘people person’.

It’s not that I was a bad person either, or I wasn’t there for others when they needed me: I did it, I helped and supported friends and family as I saw this is how things are done. But my focus was on me. I wanted to be happy, to feel rocking and cool, and it just seemed natural that I’ll achieve it by putting myself first, doing things that were good for me.

OK, now you may ask what is the problem with anyone wanting to be happy and pursuing their goals? Absolutely nothing. We’re all hardwired to do that. What’s interesting is why would anyone renounce all those things that keep them in focus and choose serving others instead if not out of consciously choosing empathy or selflessness?

What seems to determine our goals and desires

I’ve always loved traveling, never minded to be alone. Loved to visit new places, meet new people. That’s when I felt truly alive. The familiar could quickly become boring (no wonder I wasn’t good with long term relationships). I wanted to feel sexy in what I did, more interesting than others.

And because I’d heard many times that you should choose a profession based on your strengths and what you like to do, it pretty much left me with two choices: either to get a job where I harness my skills and which pays enough for me to travel and have fun, and move to the next opportunity whenever it feels like. Or make a job out of traveling, being a guide or exploiting my writing skills as a journalist. Or a blogger, you might add, had it been a thing back then.:)

I went with the first one, becoming a manager and then a freelance translator, and I was good at both. But as it turned out, life had something more for me. A lot more.

What really determines our goals and desires

I came to this world feeling alone, not trusting anyone. The feeling that I could rely on no one didn’t come from a decision I made at some point in my life: it was deeply interwoven in my whole being. My mom, feeling that her marriage was a mistake, wanted to have his pregnancy terminated only to find out that it was too late for that: the risks would have run high by that time.

For some years I was at home with my mom and by the time I had a chance to be among other young children I found I had no idea how to play with them, how to be a part of the group. I became excluded: the others, seeing my clumsiness would laugh at me and left me out of their games. At first it was a torture. I hated and dread kindergarten, crying and pleading I didn’t have to go.

But it didn’t help, no matter what I did, so I slowly resigned and turned inside, spending the days facing the corner with my back to the world outside and to others, feeling so ashamed that I just wanted to disappear into nothingness.

In school and during the years to come it became better: I made some friends and felt a lot less alienated. I found a way to cope with all this, but it came with a price: cutting myself off. I cut myself off from my own feelings and from those of others. I hid everything that hurt, disappointed or frightened me. Or whatever made me feel good, for that matter. I hibernated myself and put myself in a sarcophagus, just to make sure.

Growing up I learned to manage all this and you could say that I did alright. The sarcophagus worked, to some extent, letting me live a life that looked perfectly normal on the surface. But deep inside the fear, the shame, the enclosure, the uncertainty, the feeling of alienation remained. I did everything to hide them of course: the world prefers positivity, high energy and a confident attitude, and I did my best to deliver.

Blocks versus our heart’s desire

I shared all of this with you to give you a hint why I felt like the best life, the best job for me is being separated, not getting too deeply involved with any place or anyone, being ready to move on whenever I liked. Enjoying whatever I could without caring too much about others.

And now, please do me a favor and imagine that it was my original plan for this life. That it was anyone’s plan for this life. That anyone would come here, take on all the hardships from being born and growing up to all the difficulties of a human life just to – what? Walking through it cautiously only to hope nothing too bad will happen? Barricading themselves away from life and people for fear of getting hurt?

Can you do that? No! Of course not! We all came here with a beautiful, burning desire in our hearts to evolve, to grow. With such strong motifs that we could hardly wait for those obstacles and difficulties. Not to fall into their trap, not to believe them but to choose to act from love and unity instead. And getting higher each time, elevating ourselves and everyone on our planet. So never let your blocks determine your goals and desires. Go on, because there’s much more to your story, to the story of all of us.

Life and its jokes

So if you need someone to pretty much renounce her personal life in order to serve others, putting all her focus on them instead of herself, serving light and love unceasingly and unwaveringly, just take the obvious leap and grab someone who locked herself, locked her heart away to the point where nothing could really trespass, and who wouldn’t care too much about the problems everyone else was struggling with. And you have the winner.

OK, that may be funny, but what’s the point?

Now, that’s a very good question. Does it mean that I didn’t have compassion in me and did not care for others? On the contrary, I had enough to give up so many things in my life, just to ease suffering and help others find their true selves and purpose.

But my reactions to the events of my life slowly built up thick walls, which we may call energy blocks. They started telling me a different story. Their version of my happiness served my ego, not the original plan of my highest self. These blocks told me that I’ll be happy if I just mind my own business. Or, if I cannot be happy, then at least I should try to tiptoe through my life with the least possible pain. The blocks told me to let people in my life only as long as it’s fun. To try to feel better, more valuable than others. That serving others is not so cool.

But there are no unfortunate mistakes in our life plan. These blocks helped me become stronger, more deliberate, more persistent, more compassionate. Helped me better understand the nature of blocks and how they work in our lives. How they try to tie us down, pull us back only to help us reach higher to answer the questions of our lives. Not in theory, not in our minds, but for real, in and through our lives, accomplishing it like a perfect piece of art.

And what about you?

Consciously or not, we’re all becoming experts in something. And in so many cases, we become experts in what we really have to work on. And by working our way through all our personal blocks finally to poke our heads on the other side, we’ll be the go-to’s, the experts of that field, offering our hands for others to cross, too.

So, tell me, what are you becoming an expert in? If you know already, I’d be really interested to hear about it. If you don’t know yet, then let’s dive deeper in it together in the next post. Are you with me?

How this blog was born

Funny how sometimes the best things in life are born from the most unexpected and unforeseen turn of events. I have a peculiar feeling that this blog is about to turn into one of them. To begin with, the idea of it was conceived by my spiritual teacher. And if someone that important in your life comes up with an idea, it tends to manifest.

So here’s me with my very first blogpost, loving it already. As someone who likes her work to be done thoroughly and with conscience, I started with some research and soon my head was spinning with word count statistics, niches and keywords, platforms and of course the holy grail of it all: SEO.

But being not just thorough but persistent, swimming through the technical stuff I actually got the point to writing – still remembering some of the statistics (like 488.1 million, I mean MILLION blogs just on Tumblr in January 2020). One thing was quite clear and didn’t require too much research to figure out: an introductory blog has to be good. It has to be catching and interesting and you know, it should just bang.

The unimportance of things that we think we are

Name, age, gender, jobs, education and experiences, turning points were bouncing back and forth in my head. All the things that start with ‘I am’. All the things we all seem to think define us. They have pretty much one thing in common: they don’t tend to bang.

Then an old memory came to my mind. Well, it’d be more correct to say that it hit me, filling my heart, my whole being. It was one of those perfectly ordinary moments when you don’t expect anything special to happen. And then bang.

The motivation stemming from all the things that I am not

It happened some years ago when I went shopping for some groceries. I was heading back home, when a series of realizations hit me. They were sentences that started with ‘I am not’. They came in such a fast succession that I could hardly keep up with their meaning. This was one way for me to know that these were not my own thoughts. If I had to think about all this, the sentences would have come much slower and not so powerful. Instead, they felt like revelations. And they just went on: not this and not that, not a manager and not an instructor, not a mother, not someone who messed up selling the house or did a great job moving, or who has to act or to perform in any particular way. Not anything I thought I was or thought I should or want to be. With each and every one of them I could literally feel heavy burdens fall off. Muscles relaxed I didn’t even know existed.

With each step and each ‘I am not’ I felt lighter, as if someone lifted a loaded truck off my chest and shoulders. The easiness, the lightness, the happiness, the airiness of it struck me: my life was going just fine at that time and oh my God I had no idea I carried so much weight. Not the obvious type when I was thinking about difficulties or problems to solve. This was the weight of identifying myself with my life story and the way I saw the world, how I felt and positioned myself in it. And it was there every single minute of my life: doing my job or the dishes, playing with my daughter, going on holiday, all the time.

The transforming nature of watching a white curtain

So I got home (the store was just over the corner from our building, so really a lot happened in a very short time). I opened the window, lay down on the sofa and as the summer breeze was playing with the white curtain I had a beautiful, wondrous insight: I felt connected. It was an intimate, soft closeness, filling my heart with joy, knowing that I won’t ever need anything else than this connection, this intimacy. A net of fine golden threads between the surrounding buildings, the curtain, the furniture, the people outside and the vibrant space around. Everything outside and inside of me was this enlivened and ever flowing existence.

It didn’t linger. At first I was disappointed and kept trying to reach back and somehow return to that state. Then I understood it wasn’t something to return to, to grab and hold on to. It wasn’t the whole picture either, there were things to come yet. At that time I thought this experience was something for me. Something I could reach by years of diligent practice. Like a terminal station where you finally get and you’re good, thanks.

The fact that I didn’t see the whole picture then didn’t make the experience any less real, though. It was just that at the time I wasn’t ready to understand that it wasn’t given to me, for my own wellbeing. And I wasn’t ready to feel truly grateful for it.

The opportunity

The freeing nature of the ‘I am not’ experience wasn’t mine to enjoy for my own sake. It was a drive for me to keep putting down every bond that was holding me back. And by shoveling away my own blocks provide a step, a handle, a walking stick or an elevator to others, whichever they may need.

I learnt I could give the most and serve others the best way not by showing things I identified myself with or what I wanted to become, but by getting rid of them. This is how I, how we all can get to what we truly are: an endless flow of life. Sidenote: I was actually tempted to post this as an introduction to spare you from the unnecessary fluff. Something like hello, my name is Andrea and I am an endless flow of life, wanna hang around?

I’m aware that this sort of introduction is not catching to everyone and that’s alright. But I also know that for some of you it’ll strike a chord, some of you will relate. Because you’re an endless flow of life, too. And it’s not just some nice idea: this is something that you live. Every day, no matter what you do. And it’s such a big deal that some of you will stay here with me, on this journey. It’s such a big deal that I’m here at 11 am on my day off, being passionate about this blog I didn’t think of writing. Why? Because I see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to do what I do every day of my life as a Karma Killer Yoga instructor for many years now: to help people put down all that’s keeping them from living their best possible life. To show their light in this world, connecting with it, themselves and others and the whole of existence in such an enlivened and intimate way that they never even dreamed existed. The best job I can think of.

The desire of our hearts

I meet people all the time, it’s part of my job. Group classes, private ones, social media, consultations. They all have a desire, planted deep in their hearts. They have this strong feeling that there’s a lot more to life than what they currently know and live.

And many of them tried everything they could from their minds to trigger real change. Trying to change their mindset and emotions, being more positive, analyzing the past and hoping that a better understanding will help.

And many of them failed and thought that something was wrong with them, that they couldn’t achieve real change. Not realizing that our mindset and emotional kit is basically built on an energy frame. And that tends to remain the same even if we try to change whatever is sculpted around it. As if we tried to fix a shirt hanging from a broken hanger, instead of fixing the hanger itself.

So what’s here to expect?

The most exciting journey of your life: finding a way to your highest potential. In the next posts to come I’d like to give you an insight into how this energy frame works, giving you examples from all those years I’ve been working as a Karma Killer Yoga instructor. And if you wonder by now what the heck Karma Killer Yoga is, you can learn about that too, and try some free tips and exercises;).

I’d like to show you a practical way to let go of your fears, old sorrows and disappointments. Digging deep, grabbing them by the root and saying goodbye to them for good. Clearing them not just from your mind but from your whole being, as if on a cellular level. And if you’ve ever tried to grow or change by changing your mindset or being more positive and didn’t get the results you were hoping for, you’ll get to know why. Let me give you a hint in advance: it’s NOT because you did something wrong or not strong enough or don’t have willpower.

You may have heard about chakra cleansing or chakra balancing before, maybe even tried some methods. But what you may not have found yet is an understanding of how to read and decode what’s hidden in them. It is a most exciting journey of our lives, of your life: to find your own keys to your happiest, free and full highest self. And all this with a system that’s easy to follow and based on practice and experience instead of just nice ideas.